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Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / 18+ Homestuck Oneshot: Fantasy
« on: June 18, 2019, 11:32:56 PM »
So I've been trying to get rid of my writer's block by just forcing myself to write any old garbage (like my reviews for this site). Anyway I had an idea this morning, so I decided, hey, it's short, why not write it?

Summary: Porrim is a rather intimidating for Kanaya, even though this is their first introduction. Poor Kanaya has a hard time keeping her composure, and later decides to take care of the pent up tension the meeting left her body with.

CW: quasi-incestuous thoughts, masturbation, troll genitals.

I originally titled this document:
Kanaya Is A Thirsty, Useless Gay.
As amazing as it was to meet Porrim, Kanaya couldn’t help but feel as though the conversation had dragged on long enough. She had managed to get her luminescence under control under her Dancestor’s direction, but now Porrim was going on about how fascinating it was to meet the Alternian trolls and the humans. Without a clear conversational out, Kanaya did her best to listen and be polite, but, as irony would have it, the number one distraction from listening was none other than the woman talking.

What mesmerized Kanaya the most was the curious way Porrim’s lip piercing tugged when she smiled. Kanaya’s eyes could not pry away from the glimmer of gold and how it stood out against Porrim’s black lips. Half-formed ideas passed through Kanaya’s mind. Would Rose look nice with one of those? How do they feel? These thoughts caused blood to creep up her neck, so she forced her ears to focus on Porrim’s words instead.

“Are you all right, dear?” Porrim asked. She stood with her arms crossed, and one eyebrow raised in a typical Maryam fussiness. It was like looking at some twisted mirror that took all of Kanaya’s insecurities and projected them back with all the glamour and beauty she never thought she had. Would she really have looked anything like this in just a couple more sweeps? Before her mind could wander any farther, Kanaya cleared her throat.

“Oh, yes. Perfectly fine. I suppose it’s just, I don’t know, jarring, to see the differences between us. With the others, I can see the relation, but, with you…” Kanaya trailed off. Gog, that probably sounded miserable and pathetic.

Porrim’s eyebrow arched, causing light to reflect off the gold of her piercings there. Since she was dead, her pale eyes gave little indication of her internal thoughts. Kanaya couldn’t tell if that was better or worse than if she could have seen those jade irises. Would they have been just as beautiful as the rest of her? Her ears began to get warm with the blood pumping to them. She rubbed the back of her neck, not sure what else to say.

“I don’t blame you, you know. On the surface, we have quite different takes, but it cannot be said that either one of us lacks fashion sense. Besides, from what little I’ve heard about you, it sounds like you care a lot about your friends.” Kanaya’s eyes snapped back into focus, taking in Porrim’s full face. Suddenly, she seemed so sad. “Before our session started tumbling down, I remember all the times I had to step in and play the ash role. Sound familiar?”

“Quite,” Kanaya muttered. She averted her eyes and bit her lip. The nervous gesture made her question again what it must have felt like to get that lip piercing Porrim sported so well. In her lower abdomen, a faint, warm sensation coiled. She tried to gulp it back down, trying to convince herself that she felt none of it.

Porrim took a step forward and rested an elegant hand on Kanaya’s trembling shoulder. “Are you sure you’re all right, Kanaya? I’m not taking up too much of your time?”

“N-n-no!” Kanaya stammered. The closeness of Porrim’s lips to her ears caused them to burn bright jade, and the words took some of those half-formed ideas from earlier and attempted to develop them further. Kanaya examined Porrim’s confused blinking and realized how she sounded. “I-I mean. You’re not taking up too much of my time. But, maybe I need a moment to process all of this.”

Resting a finger on her chin, Porrim appeared to contemplate this. “That’s fair. This whole set of universes does boggle the think-pan. Well, I’m sure we will encounter each other again. Maybe get to know each other a little better as well. You seem like a sweet girl, Kanaya.”

Words threatened to get caught in Kanaya’s throat again as the coiling feeling in her lower gut returned with a vengeance, but she forced them out. “Thank you. It really was a pleasure to meet you. I’ll be on my way now. Enjoy your afterlife!” She waved a hand and turned to leave.

Porrim’s shoulders relaxed as she let out a light laugh. “The pleasure was all mine. And don’t you worry, I will.” There was a note of something in her voice. Something silky and not quite sinister, but dark enough to send shivers over Kanaya’s skin. In response, she hurried her pace.

The dream bubble began to merge back with her familiar respiteblock in the meteor, but Kanaya still felt tense. She decided then and there that, if she ever ran into Porrim again, she should limit how long she stares at her, and how much she lets herself analyze her body language and her word choice and the way those words wormed their way into her ears and—

Kanaya forced herself to have a seat on one of the chairs that Rose alchemized for her. A comfortable green chair filled with beads that Rose called a beanbag. She scanned the room with frantic eyes, convinced her thoughts were so loud anyone could hear them, even from outside. The more she tried to push the thoughts of Porrim away, the louder her breath sounded to her pounding ears. She furrowed her eyebrows and pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to soothe herself.

She leaned back in the beanbag and let it swallow her form. When her thoughts began to blur into less of a messy race, Kanaya asked herself just what it was that bothered her so much. She was clearly anxious. But why?

The partially formed thoughts from before flooded back to the forefront of her mind. Thoughts of if the gold material of Porrim’s piercings would feel warm or cold, and if her lips would be cold in death. The contrast of gold on black made her wonder what Rose would look like with the same lip ring, she remembered that thought vibrantly. It was probably the idea of kissing Rose that tumbled down this mental landslide. Her mind drifted back to Porrim’s parting words and the way she said them. The tone of voice also reminded her of her matesprit, especially when Rose had a mind for particular flushed activities. But, there was something different, too. Kanaya figured the confusing nature of the whole Dancestor concept had something to do with the difference.

A familiar tug in her lower regions snapped Kanaya’s attention to the present. A thick blush crept into her face from her ears. She turned her head and scrutinized the room for any possible places anyone would come through. Satisfied that she was alone, Kanaya unbuttoned the side of her skirt and slid the fabric down her thighs. Just as she thought. Her unruly bulge poked out a little from its containing membrane. She let out a heavy sigh.

With caution, Kanaya lowered her skirt and underwear out of the way to avoid staining them. Meanwhile, the stimulation of fabric sliding down her thighs coaxed her bulge the rest of the way out of its sheath. Kanaya let her hand trail back up along her thigh and watched the appendage coil around her wrist. In her mind, she saw her wrist belonging to another. She closed her eyes and let her fingers circle around the base of her shaft. She imagined longer, more elegant fingers going slick with the body fluids oozing with abundance from her pores. For a moment, she almost felt guilty for her matesprit, but the feeling faded when she thought back to that curious metal ring, and how it might feel against her lips.

Of course she had heard the rumor that her Dancestor had plenty of flings across the quadrants. What would one more mean to her? And with that experience, maybe Porrim could think of better things to do with Kanaya’s aching nook and bulge. Simultaneously, Kanaya thought of how Rose had taken her with her mouth, and imagined what it would be like with Porrim instead. Would the ring be warm or chilly against sensitive jade flesh? In response, a fresh trickle of juices leaked onto the beanbag under her. Kanaya would have to apologize for that later, she knew, but in the moment, it made the feeling of her bulge writhing that much more intense.

She wondered if Porrim’s bulge was as unruly as hers, which gave way to the thought of what it would feel like choking her nook, or her throat. Kanaya let out a high-pitched groan and gripped her shaft as best as she could to let her other hand stroke the wet nook underneath. Her breathing hitched. It felt so good that she had trouble keeping both appendages busy. But, if Porrim were just ****ing her, it would be so much easier…

…Before she knew it, Kanaya felt her bulge swell under her hand with a rush of juices. She whimpered, forcing herself to pump from tip to base and back up. She pulled her other hand aside to brace. Each shallow breath punctuated with a small squeak of pleasure. Then, finally the dam broke. It happened mid-inhale, and the sound that left her mouth crossed a gag, a cough, and a short scream. Reproductive juices drenched the seat under her and flowed down in little trails.

Still gasping for breath, Kanaya pushed herself up, afraid that she might slide and get some of her mess on her shirt. Her knees wobbled as she stood. She shook her hands off to fling drops of jade away enough to hook into the waist of the skirt pooled around her ankles. She felt dizzy.

Curiosity got the better of her, and she turned to examine the damage done to the beanbag. Thanks to Rose’s unintended ingenuity, the green of the chair was close to the color of Kanaya’s fluids, although they would probably stain darker later and betray her. A half smile tugged at her lips. Of all the shenanigans that happened aboard this meteor, a little self indulgence could hardly come under fire for taboo. Nobody had to know just what brought her to that point.

Now that her breathing had returned to a much more stable state, Kanaya hoped that such intrusive thoughts of her Dancestor would leave her alone.

Ecchi Anime Reviews / High School DxD
« on: June 13, 2019, 06:46:39 PM »
Heyo, guys. Long time no see! And I’m sorry about that. I’ll save all the mushy stuff for another post, because right now I have something more fun to share.

So I finally managed to watch the anime of High School DxD through the release of Hero. Because there’s just so much ground to cover, this review will not be following my normal format. I will be dividing this up into spoiler segments so you can pick and choose what parts of the review matter most (or which portion you want to hear me ramble about my opinions on the most).

Just a couple of disclaimers before I get into the meat of things. First: I did watch the English Dub of the series, so if you’ve watched the sub, be aware that some localization is likely. But boy was it one of the greatest dubs I’ve ever seen. More on that in just a moment. Secondly: since I’m looking at the series as the series as a whole, be aware that there will be spoilers. Because, duh. Now, with that out of the way, here’s what you all came here for.


Horny, perverted Issei Hyoudo lands the first date of his subpar life, only for his date to reveal that she is a fallen angel sent to kill him. She succeeds, but luckily for our boob-loving friend, Issei happened to catch the eye of not a guardian angel—but a guardian devil. Rias Gremory, a high-class devil, decides to save Issei’s life, but, in return, he must serve as her Pawn.

As Issei begins working as a devil, he discovers a mysterious power he was born with. It is the power of the Red Dragon Emperor, a mighty force capable of multiplying his ability. With it, he decides that his dream is to become a harem king, and under the Gremory name, he battles stray devils, exorcists, priests, devils, holy swordsmen, fallen angels, heroic figures, and even gods to make that dream a reality. But, it will be a long, difficult path to follow.

Yes, I know. I’m a dub junkie. It’s really easy to sweep my opinion on the matter under the rug since I have such a heavy bias, but please, I’d almost beg anyone to watch the dub of this anime at some point. I cannot say how it compares to the sub because I’m not going to rewatch the series just for that sake. But there were some amazing things that I noticed as I watched this one.

First, it’s hard to give too much credit to Jamie Marchi’s skill. There is a reason she’s such a big name American voice actress. All the other lead characters were also fantastic, do not get me wrong. The reason I call to Jamie Marchi is because her effective star power really seems to garner attention. I’ve seen a comment on BTVA that says she did more justice to Rias Gremory than the original Japanese voice actress. I dunno about a statement like that, but I definitely agree that this was a character/actress matchup made in heaven (or the underworld, teehee). Her line delivery rarely disappoints, and the range and depth she gives both vocally and emotionally helps Rias shine.

But, of course, it’s not just Rias who shines. I have no complaints about any of the lead cast, even into Hero as the Gremory house continues to expand. Having watched subs before, I can see what character type the English dub team was going for with Koneko. It’s usually difficult to pull off that flat, monotone character because English utilizes a lot more pitch change than Japanese (especially considering that Japanese shares a lot in common with tonal languages and even has tones, from what I’m told by my friends studying the language.) Even with that bit of a barrier in place, Jad Saxton still manages to successfully pull it off.

The supporting cast also hits it out of the park, even with Issei’s two pervy friends who try way too hard to sound like a hip playa, yo. It’s such a high school thing to do—to puff yourself out like they do. It’s awkward and cringey, but in an intentional way. It really helps that there isn’t any attention drawn to it. They just kind of exist, and even the characters put them in their own stupid little bubble. It works.

Those are just a couple of named examples of bits of acting and directing that worked well, but there’s one other huge reason why the dub works as well as it does. The actors worked to their best, and what helps push them over the edge is simple. It’s the script. The translation team delivered some of the most natural flowing conversation I’ve heard like, ever. I’d argue that the script developed for this show works better than many scripts for shows originally written in English. I’m sure the original Japanese gave a lot to work with, so by no means am I implying that the sub is boring or anything like that. It’s just that some parts of the dub were so memorable because of the direction they took with writing the lines. There was even a reference to the Tide Pod challenge in Hero (the fourth season). At points, it felt like a well done abridged series joke—except that it was completely legit and canon.

I think what really makes the script pop to me is when I hear the characters talking casually with each other, it actually sounds like how my friends and I talk. Yeah, we’re a rather vulgar lot. It was kind of a breath of fresh air to hear so much casual swearing and all the hilarious and out-there nicknames for boobs they come up with. Normally if there’s swearing in an anime dub, at least in the ones I’ve seen, it’s relatively sanitized and kept to a minimum except in crucial, high-emotion moments. With DxD, though, a swear will slip into conversation and it’s made out to be normal. And I, for one, appreciate the hell out of it. I didn’t really think much of how little swearing I hear in most dubs until I heard how much was in DxD (which is still a far cry from how frequently I swear, but I understand that there’s limited time to get a lot done). I suppose it could be a turn-off for some people, but, I mean, if someone can’t handle referring to breasts as knockers and milkjugs and all the words usually hidden under asterisks, then I don’t think they could handle the amount of boobage and perversity in the show anyway. I think that’s why they were able to get away with it, really. The language matched the content. And it was honestly incredible.

And after a quick look back on BTVA, I learned that the voice directors for all four seasons are pretty well established voice actors and voice directors, so that explains a heck of a lot. Clearly this was just a blessed project from the beginning.

The Rating Game is a game played by devils and their households as a show of strength and is used to determine ranks of devils based on power and ability. It is how the current devil kings achieved their status, as opposed to inheriting power through a bloodline.

What interests me most about the Rating Game is that it introduces a fundamental power dynamic among devil households. One who begins collecting pieces in their household is assigned the rank of king within that group, and may collect up to the number and type of pieces as in the board game of chess: eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and one queen. These are not an exact measure of each piece’s ability, but rather a way to typify one’s battle position. Where the power dynamic comes into play is that, as far as the anime has demonstrated, the other pieces all serve the king. That is, the king piece is usually a higher class devil and the other pieces are that devil’s subordinates or servants.

Through the series, it is pointed out that Rias’s team has a great strength because she treats her household like family. She in some fashion saved each of her pieces’ lives when she made them into a devil and gave them a new purpose. Because of that, they all love, respect, and serve her with all their hearts.

What makes me so eager to point this out is due in large part to my BDSM background. “Household” is not exclusively a BDSM term, but in the case of the Gremory household serving Rias, I’d say the shoe fits. There are some times that it doesn’t appear to be a perfect fit, but generally speaking Rias makes an okay domme. Every single time she has a one on one with her any of her servants and she says something about how she’s proud of them, or even when she’s scolding them, I felt that. The example that comes to mind first is when Issei convinces Saji and Koneko to join him in helping out Kiba, who has run off, even though it goes against a direct order from Rias. When Rias discovers this, unlike Sona, the first thing she does is make it clear how glad she is that everyone turned out okay. It then turns into a comedic moment when she turns the situation into a proper punishment of the same vein as Sona, but as Issei prepares for punishment, Koneko steps in and demands to take half the punishment since she did not stop him. Rias agrees to give her one spank, and it is a light one. She then explains that she believes it was a fair punishment because of how Koneko stepped up and recognized her fault. She then proceeded to give Isseei the other 999 spankings. Exaggeration of the number of spankings aside, it was a really tender moment for me. I looked at that and went, “Wow, that was extraordinarily well done from the perspective of a dom.” Not to say that Sona’s methods were less valid by any means. Her relationship with her household is different. Rias, being more “family” oriented, gives off a pretty big “Mama” vibe to me. And, to quote her own mother, “It’s only kinky if you say Mommy.”

That joke reminds me of another thing. Part of what makes the whole dynamic beautiful to me is that it’s not one of the things that’s played up for kink and fanservice. It isn’t really suggested that the other boys are secretly in love with Rias, nor is it implied that she romantically loves them either. The girls, in fact, all seem to have romantic interest in Issei as opposed to their Master, so much so that Rias begins to have difficulty getting control of them and making them realize that he is her property. Furthermore, Issei doesn’t really know what to do with his feelings because of the M/S dynamic, and in later seasons struggles with recognizing that Rias is in love with him because he wonders if that could even happen, let alone if it would be appropriate.

So, while that might just be a me thing, I don’t see why I shouldn’t bring it up. I’m ecstatic that it’s just something that’s there, and I’m glad that it’s not a forced conversation. If someone doesn’t want to think about dom/sub stuff too much, they don’t have to. It can be seen as a convenient “people listen to people with power” plot device and nothing deeper. But for those who do look at it that way, it’s not an awful depiction. It’s leagues above other instances of power dynamics I’ve encountered. So much so that it’s…kinda wholesome, really. It warms my heart, and I did not expect that from an ecchi show where a guy develops powers to blow the clothes off a girl if he touches them and the ability to talk to boobs. It was a pleasant little surprise, so I had to bring it up.

Let me start this off by saying that I do not personally feel that a formula, on its own, makes a show good or bad. Formulas, archetypes, tropes, or whatever you call them, are just tools for a creative team to work with. Inevitably, everything has them. Now, I wanted to address this formula as it is used in the second half of the fourth season in particular, because that is when it really struck me as an outstanding use of it.

After the mid-season finale in Hero, the Gremory household prepares for the rating game against the underworld’s number one young devil with whom they already have an established rivalry. It’s a typical formula. Good guy finds rival. Rival beats his ass. Good guy trains a lot, maybe learns a new skill. Big fight happens. Good guy defeats rival, usually by unlocking some new ability. Yup, that’s the second half of the fourth season in a nutshell. But, I wanted to draw out the values pumped into this equation that really made the outcome so favorable.

First, the rival was a well-developed character with realistic stakes. I’d hesitate to even call him a bad guy or an antagonist. Sairaorg is fighting because his physical strength is all he has. He was cast out of his high class family for not having enough demonic power. If he comes out as number one, he can show the whole underworld that his family was wrong and that he’s valid. That makes you really wanna root for him, despite the main characters being in the Gremory household, not the Bael one. Even so, Sairaorg himself tells Issei in their first unofficial battle that he wants Issei to get stronger. He wants the best fight possible to ensure that he will be accepted as a devil. This is a huge contrast to other fights the Gremory household has been in. The stakes are totally different. Sure, there are recurring characters like Vali who want Issei to get stronger and all that, but it’s Sairaorg’s motivation that puts him a prime cut above the rest. Like I said, his motivation is realistic and sympathetic.

If the first point is stakes, the second point is power scale. When Issei and Sairaorg first fight, Issei can barely keep up. Later, when Sairaorg faces off against three members of the Gremory house in a three on one, he takes huge hits and still wins with relative ease. When he does face off against Issei in the final match of the Rating Game, the announcer says something along the lines of that it was like a schoolyard fistfight, except there’s no teacher to break it up and each punch could explode a normal person’s skull. I’m not one for exaggerated physical violence and explosions and people being launched into huge craters and all that, but it had me hype. And it’s not just Sairaorg. Issei struggles with his power and, after being knocked unconscious, has to surpass the negative emotions of all (most?) of the previous holders of the Red Dragon Emperor’s power to get back up and fight harder. That’s multiple lifetimes worth of pain, rage, and determination to overcome. But, anything for tig ol’ biddies, am I right?

There were probably multiple other factors that contributed to how rewarding the final battle was to watch. Either way, for a grand finale, it was virtually flawless in execution. I say virtually because anything can have room for improvement. Not that I’d know what that could be here. I was on the edge of my seat, engaged, and even screaming at the screen (although I admit, I may have been ingesting my drug bread juice, aka beer, and that might have something to do with the screaming). Even after binging the whole series in less than a week, I will still hype. When everything started wrapping up, it was a nice closure to the huge crescendo that comes from that shounen formula. That doesn’t normally happen to me with long series. I get bored of fights easily. That’s why I’m not big on most shounen to begin with. All in all, that’s just more proof that DxD succeeded in making good use of the formula.

This review is gonna be over 3k words so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

My favorite main characters are Rias, Issei, Akeno, Xenovia, Gasper, and Rossweisse. My favorite side characters are Sona and Kuroka. That’s probably all y’all really wanted to know, let’s be real.

Rias is not quite but sorta dom goals. Loving, yet firm.

Issei is a pretty okay guy, and he recognizes when he’s being a dickweed, which is an astoundingly rare skill. I realize looking back on Reset that there are a lot of similarities between how I write as the character Mahlua and how Issei presents himself. It was totally unintentional; I only just now watched High School DxD.

Akeno has an attractive attitude. I could go for her being less uppity towards her master, but perfection is hard to obtain. She also vaguely reminds me of Saeko from HOTD, but in a good way. I need more delightful sadists.

Xenovia is…admittedly pretty stupid. But, not in an annoying bimbo kind of way. Once she starts going more for what she wants, she becomes a lot more enjoyable.

GASPER MY PRECIOUS CHILD COME HERE SWEETIE I PROMISE I’LL KEEP THE SCARY MEAN PEOPLE AWAY YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD BOY AND I LOVE YOU. (Ahem.) He’s adorable, and I can kinda relate to some aspects of the social anxiety. It makes me wanna be there for him and celebrate his victories.

Rossweisse. *Takes deep breath and makes the meme “boi” gesture.* Rossweisse.

Sona has that stern student council president trope going for her. Well put together. I can appreciate that.

Kuroka is an interesting character on top of being a hot cat girl. Wanting her sister back isn’t all that awful, although the things she does otherwise are. Also the holder of one of the greatest lines in the dub. “Yes, you still taste like a virgin.”

High School DxD was a fun trip for me, and a great way for me to relax and get some stress out of my system. It also has great meme quality for me to quote it at my friends and watch them suffer. “Suck on them titties~” has become a phrase among my roommates and myself. The characters are excellent, the dub is one of the best I’ve heard, and somehow it inspired me to be a better dom to my subs.

9.5 out of 10
Because unfortunately nothing is perfect and there are some minor flaws I didn’t discuss.

Mature Ecchi Manga Reviews (18+) / Sunstone (18+ Comic)
« on: March 03, 2019, 09:03:08 PM »
Okay everybody, get ready for like a book’s worth of me screaming about this comic (not a manga, sorry, but I have a dire need to vent about this beautiful absolute gift to this planet that we don’t deserve).


Year: 2011, I think
Publisher: Top Cow
Why did I read this?: I saw a couple of panels out of context on my roommate’s Twitter feed, and then one of my submissives recommended it to me. Yeah, I have two now. Life is weird.

Concept: Two chicks meet online over a mutual interest in BDSM. Shenanigans ensue. Stupid, sickeningly sweet shenanigans that made me cry like three times and shriek in the bathroom loud enough for my roommate to ask if I was okay. (What? I was reading it on my phone. Which should tell you how good it is, because I do not read comics online under normal circumstances, and especially not on my friggen phone.)
Execution: [Sorry, this segment, if I were speaking, would be a bunch of incoherent gay babbling and screaming that roughly translates to “So good. Yes.”]

Main Characters: Honestly the main cast reminds me a lot of my friend group for a lot of reasons. Not like the individual characters remind me of my friends, but the character group and the hooplah around them. It’s uncomfortably uncanny.
Lisa: Waitress/writer/submissive. The main narrator of the story. She develops very nicely over the comic’s progression. She’s such a loveable idiot sometimes, but she is still, in essence, quite a bit of an idiot. She thinks so too, lol.
Ally: My domme goals honestly. Programmer/Gamer. She meets Lisa online and has a plethora of friends in the BDSM scene that I’ll also scream about shortly. While she is a domme, she is also a very human character, and the comic really addresses that well. She has her insecurities and her moments of fault, but true to what being a domme is all about, she takes it in stride. Gods she’s precious in her own way.
Alan: Ally’s friend and…kind of ex but not really? The comic explains that way better. Also a dom. Makes a living building BDSM gear. At first I honestly thought I was going to hate him. I was very incorrect. He is a very good egg and his sarcastic banter speaks to me. He has his own past, which, to my knowledge, is actually explained in other comics. Expect me to be reviewing those as well, once I read them. Yes, I like him that much that I’d read some straight ish.
Anne: Introduced to the group by some side characters yet to be mentioned but is frankly more important than them so I’m putting her first. She’s not into the whole BDSM thing, but she’s a tattoo artist and becomes quite…acquainted with the scene through her friends. And then gets caught in the crossfire of some major drama. Poor Anne. What a gift.
Cassie and Tom: The bridge between so many characters, like our lovely Anne. They’re married and it’s disgustingly cute. They do the BDSM thing as well. Noticing a trend?

Plot: So Lisa and Ally meet online and keep flirting until Lisa, after two months, asks to meet in person. Sex and a dom/sub thing ensues, and through Ally, Lisa goes further down the BDSM scene rabbit hole. And of course because romcoms sell, they can’t just leave it at a FWB thing. Unfortunately for these poor girls, neither one of them knows how to express when they start falling in love and are slow enough to realize it’s happening. Since Lisa is narrating in hindsight, she makes it clear early on that yeah, it’s stupid. But damn if it ain’t cute. I’m not really sure where to put this in the review, so I’ll stick in here that the title is Ally’s safeword, and that does have quite a bit of significance, as some major drama centers on the history of it.

Art: Stjepan Sejic is a friggen god as far as I’m concerned. The colors are so warm, and the faces are so expressive. There’s a lot to be said for the lineart too. But I guess sometimes it does kinda remind me of Disney princess art and that’s kinda weird. Not like I can knock it too much, though. Damn, when it’s meant to be sexy, it is. I am a simple person with simple needs, and where can I buy some of Ally’s wardrobe g’damn.

Final Thoughts: This comic made me have to read it so immediately that I did not even develop the pretense of the mere idea of waiting to purchase it. I had to read it online, which is more than I’m doing for Prison School. Friggen PRISON SCHOOL. And I do wanna finish Prison School. I need to with some urgency, but not like what I developed for Sunstone. I was up on my phone late at night and, as I mentioned, I even took it to the bathroom at a scene that made me shriek loudly enough for my roommate to go “Everything okay in there?”
I cried three times at least over this comic, and there were a lot more times where I was just staring, jaw on the floor like a total perv, oogling the art. I laughed a lot too, and I felt so strongly that I binged like five volumes worth in just three days. Even with my oogling! I actually really want to voice parts of the comic myself, too (because I’m just original like that, y’all).
I think it’s pretty clear what my verdict is on this one.


Just because I wish it didn’t drop that nonsense about friends with benefits having to end up as a romance. Like really girls y’all should’a known from your dang flirting and webcam chats the two months before you met in person that y’all was in for it. I been bangin one of my roommates pretty much since we moved in back in August and I have done domme stuff for another friend of mine and there is no romantic inclination at either of them. Heck, the sub that introduced me to this? We’re platonic as well. And I’m pretty sure I’m not aromantic. But, hey, with that kind of propaganda getting thrown in my face in media all the time, I’m starting to question that again. Big but there, there’s also Ally’s history with Alan, so eh, not completely propogating that mistruth as a complete fact and it’s kind of touched on as a person by person difficulty curve.

Also I am totally stealing so many jokes from this series it isn't even funny.

And hey, losers, go watch Stjepan our lord on deviantArt.

Ecchi Anime Reviews / Prison School
« on: July 13, 2018, 05:16:03 AM »
Yahoo, another Mahlua reviews session, freshly copied and pasted from MR. This time, it’s an anime that seems to have been personally tailored to me despite my strict personal ethics regarding consent.

I know there's already a Prison School thread here, but this is the review thread.

Prison School (Kangoku Gakuen)

Year: 2015
Studio: J.C. Staff
Why did I watch this?: Have you met me?
Dub or Sub: Dub. It was only a little awkward in some places, but overall the work was fun. Despite…y’know, the content.
OP: I liked the instrumental, but the lyrics are kinda dumb. I know they got the seiyuu to perform it, but I was disappointed with the lyric arrangement in particular. It was just so repetitive and didn’t really suit the metal style they seemed to be trying to go for. Come on, y’all aren’t BABYMETAL. Chill.
ED: Much better. 10/10 would drunkenly sing along to with a group of drunk friends.

Concept: An all-girls school with unbelievable discipline standards goes co-ed for the first time, and unfortunately some traditionalists make use of the discipline standards to make life a literal prison for the poor five new blokes on the block.
Execution: Takes the over-the-top violence approach, which concerns me given the underlying statements I see being made. At times it’s uncomfortable, not because it’s straightforward, but because it’s so exaggerated. Those were some major human rights violations, man…

Main Characters: Rather than discuss each one individually, as that tends to get lengthy, I’ll discuss them in groups.
The five guys: They just came here to have a good time and honestly they’re getting physically attacked right now. They’re all weird and quirky and I kinda love it? They seemed really trope-y, but they still of breathed well enough despite the lack of development (which is a common complaint of mine in the age of 12 episode anime). The only thing that bugs me is like, they took a lot, like, more than should really be possible, and for the sake of plot, they just…yeah they fight, but for the most part the final outcome of the series doesn’t quite do what happens to them justice, I feel.
The Underground Student Council: Uhhhh wow there is a lot to unpack with this pack of wild dogs. First there’s Mari who seems to be your typical aloof, has ridiculous power, crow wielding HBIC who reminds me of me in freshman year of high school for all the wrong misandrist reasons. I can’t say that I blame her considering her circumstances, but…seriously, chill. People are allowed to be attracted to things. It’s not a crime if a guy is into things, so long as he’s not hurting anyone. Then there’s the VP, Meiko, also known as sweaty sadistic tits with legs. And THEN there’s Hana. All three of ‘em need psych evaluations for different reasons but I would be fine if Hana were kept in the ward during the duration of observations, and not on the street…preferably.

Plot: So the guys get into this elite academy and “do what boys do” and try to take a peep, which they are of course caught in the act of and sentenced to school prison for. Literally. The story follows them pitting against the USC to try to break or earn their way out, but USC doesn’t make it easy.

Animation: I saw no problems, but I didn’t really see anything that sticks out as super spectacular either. The way Meiko’s sweat was handled was odd.
Art: YES. Interesting choice with the way that girls’ lips were colored. I feel like I’ve seen that technique before, but I can’t recall.

Final Thoughts:
There is a lot going on outside of the main plot. Like, societal and political statements and observations. I personally hate the idea of violence being turned on its head with the tired and stupid “equality” excuse. That doesn’t make anything fair. Like don’t get me wrong, I get that it’s over-the-top as part of the joke. I’m in on it, and I laughed too. Something under the surface about it is just unsettling to me is all. I’ll still definitely be collecting the manga when my wallet can handle doing so, and if they make a season two, I’d be here for it.
That said, just as an observation, dear gods why is “the unholy lovechild of Hana and Meiko” actually applicable to me?
Hot take: this anime is also some gay ass sh*t.

Overall Rating: 9.3/10
Because I’m weak.

Yuri Anime / Simoun
« on: July 06, 2018, 04:37:34 PM »
This is probably going to be a long review, or at least a long thread, if the Sister Princess one is any indication. It’s not even so much that I love Simoun, though, as much as it is that there’s just a lot to unpack in it. Might as well get straight to the point.


Year: 2006
Studio: Studio Deen
Genre: Yuri, coming of age, romance, sci-fi/fantasy
Why did I watch this: I remember watching it in high school and loving it, so I bought the box set on sale a while back, and boy did I forget some things…
Dub or Sub?: Lol this didn’t even get dubbed, so this isn’t even really a question. 10/10 would love to participate in a fandub for, though. It’s interesting to note though that all the seiyuu for the show are women, and that even the men are voiced by women. More on that later.
OP: “Utsukushi Kereba Sore de Ii” by Chiaki Ishikawa. I have to say it’s probably one of my top 20 favorite anime Ops, like, ever. So pretty and uplifting…
ED: “Inori no Uta” by Savage Genius. Definitely in one of my top 5 EDs of all time. It’s got a pop feel, but it’s so hype. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: I could shout “Inori no Uta” and “Dancing in the Velvet Moon” every day and not even be mad when I lose my voice.

Concept: As war breaks out, young priestesses who have not undergone the age rite of passage of selecting their permanent gender must pilot divine aircraft to protect their country. If any of that confused you, you probably read it correctly.
Execution: The show actually does a fantastic job juggling all sorts of themes at once, and does not let you forget that these are children in war. Simoun really gets its hands dirty and dissects a lot of things about being a kid, growing up, experiencing first loves, and good gods the angst. There’s only about one thing I’d nitpick, personally, and that’s the relationship between two of the priestesses…one of them is clearly over the age of 17 but is clinging to her religious duty, and, well, the show is pretty heavy-handed in suggesting that she gets with literally the youngest member in the Chor, who is like, 12 at best. In universe standards, I get that they’re both technically “children” despite the obvious age gap, but I am still uncomfortable and not sure that the suggested romantic aspect was really necessary.

Main Characters: Two captains, thirteen maiden priestesses, one vice captain, one military councilman, one high priestess, one mechanic, and whatever tf you’d call Onasia. For the sake of my sanity and everyone else’s time, I’ll just focus on the sibyllae of Chor Tempest—the official title of priestesses who pilot the divine two-seater aircraft known as Simoun. I’ll try my best not to spoil, but ah…yeah good luck.

Note: when I say “pair”, I mean that the two fly in the same Simoun, and my spellings come from the official sub version that I watched, which is not concurrent with some of the popular accepted spellings.

>Amuria: Originally paired with Neviril. She had a lot of ambition and her strength used to hold Chor Tempest together.

Until, you know, she died in the first episode, causing everything we really know about her to mainly come from flashbacks.

>Neviril: Known as the best pilot, more or less. Everyone seems to have a boner for her. I don’t really get why. I mean, I do get that she’s hurt, she’s pretty, she’s tragic, she’s the best at what she does, but I didn’t really start liking her at all until towards the last quarter of the show.

>Paraietta: At first she’s shown to be the “cool” one. Everyone expects her to become a man when they all undergo the right of passage so she can be with Neviril, her childhood friend. Through the show, she breaks down, crashes and burns, hard. I recall in the director’s commentary that Paraietta’s emotions are some of the easiest to understand, and I think that’s a fair assessment.

>Kaim: Paraietta’s usual partner in the Simoun. She seems to have a deep fondness for her pair and looks up to her a lot. She also has issues which breech way into spoiler territory, but I’ll mention it under the spoiler because it deserves a content warning for those sensitive to it:
CW: sexual assault
For a good part of the show, we are led to believe that Alty sexually assaulted Kaim, although a later conversation snaps Kaim’s memories back right and it is suggested that it was the other way around. Because of this, Kaim will not refer to her sister by a family title, but only her name, and often becomes irate when Alty calls her “nee-san”.

>Alty: Kaim’s sister, usually paired with Floe. Despite what was mentioned in the spoiler above, Alty still looks up to Kaim. She’s a bit of a crybaby, not nearly as bad as some of the others, but she wants to be strong for her sister.

>Floe: Alty’s usual pair. She’s such a boy crazy hot mess at first, with explosive feelings and a knack for mischief. Somehow, though, her advice usually turns up solid?

>Roetreamon: A quiet little rich girl whose partner seems to vary depending on the situation. She wants to understand others, but comes to realize that given her position, it may not always be possible to bridge that gap.

Later additions to the Chor:

>Aer: The spunkiest new kid on the block who starts out with zero social tact and might only score a 30/100 on it by the end of the series. Eventually becomes Neviril’s permanent pair, although she had to fight for it…literally. It’s that fighting spirit that makes her special, though.

>Morinas: Like Roetreamon, she has shifted partners various times through the series. She has a fascination for how the Simouns work, although she comes to appreciate them as more than just machines, which may or may not have something to do with that mechanic boy…

>Rimone: The token kid genius. She has difficulty fighting at first, and even making decisions for herself because she was so used to simply doing as she was told. I’m a little squicked as to some of the environment that caused some character growth, but I am glad to see how she progressed.

>Mamina: A former servant in Roetreamon’s household who was only allowed to become a sibyllae because the war had killed so many priestesses that they were coming up short. Like Floe, she has rather explosive emotions, but after fighting over who she would be paired with (or wouldn’t be), she calms down. She’s still a mischievous little bugger, and I love her for it.

>Yun: Came along with Mamina and detests war. She remains distant from the Chor and also doesn’t really stick to a pair. Her gender reveal and explanation is by far one of the most interesting outcomes, so look forward to that.

And, last but not least…ugh.

>Dominura: I really, really want to like Dominura. It’s just—from moment one in Chor Tempest, it’s startlingly evident that she’s obsessed with Rimone. It’s weird as hell and kinda gross, especially as the series progresses and you start to realize just how long she’s been a maiden priestess. Taking my mind off that, though…she’s a strong leader, and her ability really kickstarts Paraietta’s fall from grace, as it were. She’s competent, she’s in control, she’s level headed, and damn if she isn’t good at the war game. I could respect her determination and vigilance if I just pull the wool over my eyes and pretend like it’s not being suggested that there’s a romance between her and a f*cking child, but I can’t really bring myself to overlook it.

Art: Really, really nice IMO. The backgrounds look fantastically hand-painted, and the skies are beautiful. The character designs really amplify their representations.
Animation: Pretty well done, although there are clearly some repetitive shots. The fact that some of the machinery appears to have been done with a 3d modelling program and is layered with the 2d may be strange to look at at first, but it’s not really all that bad, considering, y’know, 2006.
Soundtrack: Classical and saucy. Somehow it vaguely reminds me of Revolutionary Girl Utena. The use of lack of music as a mood enhancer is also exceedingly well done. Let’s not forget that lullaby and the song from Aer’s music box, because those are nice, wholesome little additions, too.

Final thoughts:
Like I said, this show explores a LOT, and yet, it breathes so well. I guess that’s a benefit of still coming in at the tail end of when 26 episodes was the norm for anime. There’s time to explore what’s being thrown at you, and there’s time to sit back and smile at the laughter and really remember that these are just kids thrown into a war out of their control. A lot can be said about the representation of gender, especially once everyone’s gender is revealed at the end, and how it plays back to their characters. You’ll certainly leave remembering that kids are way smarter than we sometimes give them credit for. Depth of an ocean here for Simoun.

Overall: 8.5/10
Because I can’t give something with blatant pedophiliac suggestions a 10, no matter how fantastic everything else is.

Hentai Discussion / X Reader Fics
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So, I've seen this type of fic around here and there on the internet. For those unfamiliar, an "X Reader" fic is a fanfiction written in second person in order for the reader to insert themselves into the story for the express purpose of experiencing a certain encounter with a preexisting character. (For example, a Sakura Haruno X Reader fic would involve the reader being with Sakura Haruno, either romantically or sexually. Usually sexually.)

I personally tend to find that these fics fall flat, usually on appearance assumptions about the reader. I have also seen people specify in the title whether the self-insert character is male or female.

Anyway this came to my mind today while talking with Fro on discord--I remember that I had written a first-person self-insert fic before (because I was bored and wanted to look like I was busy so I wouldn't be bothered) and was curious about other members' opinions.

I understand that many people find the mere concept of a self-insert disappointing or stupid or whathaveyou, and as a writer, I get that. It's a pretty valid point. Writing in second person is not an easy thing to pull off, and most people...just don't pull it off well. That said, who'd be up for me experimenting with the genre anyway?

Hentai Discussion / Lewd Dream Thread
« on: July 03, 2018, 09:12:25 PM »
I remember on MR we have a dream thread and I figured why not provide a place for the ecchi/hentai equivalent here? I mean, come on, let's be real, wet dreams happen. We're only human. Skimming back through the old dream thread on MR reminded me that I never got a chance to tell the full story of one of my dreams because, duh, MR and PG13 rules, and it really is a funny story.

So, let me set this up for you guys.

I have been absolutely enamored with the Hex girls since early childhood (about 7 years old or sooner). Like to the extent of "damn how did it take me so long to realize that I'm into chicks?" I rewound the old Witch's Ghost VHS so many times just to watch the performance of "Hex Girl" that I'm amazed it still functions. I even have some of their Witch's Ghost soundtrack exclusive tracks--songs that didn't make it into any of the animated series or the movies--in my music library. I am totally   O B S E S S E D .

Okay, fast-forward to freshman year of college. I was enjoying an afternoon nap. This is where my little story begins.

I had just bought a new house, kind of on the corner of a main street and a side street that led down to a little park. It was a tiny little house, but I made it my own witchy home. Someone pulled up in the driveway and I looked through the kitchen blinds. I had been expecting them, so I let them in. The Hex Girls, in the flesh, came in and shook my hands, talking about how great it was to have me on the team. I remember responding with "Man, working with you guys is a dream come true for me." LOL. Anyway, I was the lyricist for them, and they were starting a new album to be released the next year, and since I didn't start teaching until the next school year and summer had just started, we planned for them to stay at my place for a while so we could all work together. Jasper, their implied manager after the Legend of the Vampire movie, took the tour bus and left. There was anticipation and excitement just clinging to the air for this new project.

Now, I distinctly remember Dusk sitting at the counter with a bat shaped lollipop, just kind of sitting back and observing. I sat in a sort of window seat and Thorn sat next to me. As we were talking, she draped an arm over my shoulders and pulled me in. Here's why I love lucid dreaming: she took my earlobe between her teeth, and, me being me, I absolutely melted. Like, actually started slipping out of the seat. Thorn then shot Luna a look, and Luna pulled some nylon rope from somewhere and Thorn went looking for some appropriate candles for the job while I was rigged up. Dusk was still at the dining room counter, watching. Thorn quickly returned and unbuttoned my shirt to expose my front and shoulders. She lit the candle and waited for the wax to get hot, and then--

--my roommate let a friend of mine into the room. He proceeded to kind of tap on my bed and say "Hey, [Mahlua], we still have to film that thing today. Are you up for working on the props?"

Every time I remember this, I give him a hard whack between the shoulderblades. Motherf*cker woke me up from one of the most beautiful lucid dream experiences I've ever had, and I saw that look, I knew Dusk was going to join the fun eventually. The fun hadn't even really started. Every time I remember it, I get pissed. I woke up still expecting that like, the Hex Girls were real and I was their lyricist.

And that's only one of my many experiences with lewd dreams. It was by far the most kinky that I can recall (except maybe the one with the werewolf...or the one where I was a succubus summoned in a frat house...those got pretty freaky too). Before I go on and share too many others, though, I want to hear from y'all.

Ecchi Anime Reviews / Sister Princess
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In honor of my 21st birthday, I'm going to start a binge-watch one of the anime that started it all for me. Let me set up the scene before I get into the show itself though:

I was in about fourth or fifth grade, and there were a couple of crappy anime DVDs at my local library, and I found volumes 2 and 7 of this little fluffy incest-harem thing called Sister Princess. A few months later, my aunt happened to find a box set...somewhere, and thought the art looked really cute. I can't say that I blame her for her oversight, since 2000s anime girls had that thing going on with the big eyes little mouth and whatnot, but even as a kid I realized that it was some incest-suggestive stuff. To her avid defense, the series is pretty darned cute despite itself.

I used to shove this anime at all my friends once I had the box set of all 26 episodes of the main season and eventually discovered the Re:Pure version online, which gave a very different vibe. We would make fun of it, especially the OP.

Now, for the series itself.

Wataru Minakami is a star student until he discovers that he has failed his high school entrance exam due to a computer glitch. He is instead offered a place at Stargazer's Hill West University of Promised Island and is shipped there immediately as his butler no longer has to care for him. He begins meeting these strange girls, and after a real estate confusion, winds up living with them and discovering that his dad was apparently a huge manwhore and that he has "thirteen" (read: twelve) younger sisters, ranging from about 4 years old to right up on him at 14/15-ish. You get an array of tropes out of them, including a few nationality tropes.

The dubwork is actually kind of phenomenal for one of ADV film's apparent throwaway projects. You have Greg Ayres, Hilary Haag, and Monica Rial on board, and my best girl is even voiced by Shelley-Calene Black. On top of that, the soundtrack is such a nostalgia factory for me since, again, I've kind of had this box set...over half my life now, Christ.

The series is about 26 episodes that run through character-specific episodes as well as major school vacations. They even have a Christmas special. There is actually some underlying plot that comes into play at the end. The ecchi is kind of sparse, since it's more slice-of-life based, but it's super cozy and feels good.

After I re-watch the whole box set again, I can even go super detailed. It's up to you guys. I could give character profiles, go more in-depth about what little bits are ecchi, tell you my favorite and least favorite episodes, whatever.

Despite the fact that it's clearly not all that popular and kinda derpy, this is a piece of my childhood that I'm about to relive as my gift to myself for making it to legal you-can-drink-now adulthood.

Suggestions And Feedback / Possible Topic/Board Merger?
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So, yeah, I've been sitting on my butt doing a whole lot of nothing lately on here, but I noticed something while staring at the diddly-darn main forum page for a few hours:

Aren't the two underlined sections basically the same premise? I mean, on MR we have things separated by artists vs writers and I suppose the child board would be the artist version and the bigger main board would be for writers, but at this point in time we're so embarrassingly small that we could probably be fine with merging the two. For that matter, though, it's funny how there's a yaoi gallery and not a yuri one. I grant that when BobbyJoe and Bookwatcher were still around there was more demand for yaoi segments to the forum, so it makes sense for the expansion to have happened.

I don't know how doable it is to merge entire boards together or to move topics around and sort of "overhaul" the site organization a little bit, but it could be worth looking into. If I knew how any of that coding hoopla worked, I'd help you out, Mr. Main Admin.

I also know we all discussed a rearrangement of the site back in 2016. I probably could have posted this there, but...well, I started typing as a new topic and I'm lazy what I'm thinking at the moment is a little bit smaller scale.

Do we want to condense boards or make multiple parent boards with specific child boards is what it comes down to. Which would be easiest on the whole, Kakashi?

Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / Ecchiverse: Reset
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Yeah remember that thing I only posted about literally a few hours ago? I have something resembling a first chapter and an idea on where to go from here. We may have ourselves another story enough to start building up our own universe here. Or expand on MRverse. However you wanna look at it.

Without further ado or explanation:

Chapter 1
Sometimes, MR City was just too busy of a place. Between Coryn and Lego duking it out on the reg, an old legend returning, and the array of usual shenanigans, a raider would do well to practice some mindfulness meditation and chill.

Or general Pagan-y magic whatnot level meditation. One can, if trained, commune with the gods in prayer or worship, even join them on their plane. With the bridge to EcchiWorld destroyed after the Twins’ stint genderbending the city, such meditation was the most accessible way to visit the pearly sister city. The technical term may or may not be “astral projection”, and raider MahluaandMilk may or may not be keen on abusing it.

Technicalities aside, Mahlua drew her hood over her face and continued along the cobblestone street of the majestic acropolis. Such streets never knew the destruction and havoc like MR. Occasionally, at worst, a stray spam ninja would squirm its way in, but they could be easily dispatched. In fact, that was part of the reason Mahlua enjoyed visiting the place.

As if on cue, a shadow scurried down the alley to the raider’s left. Her attention snapped to it. A smile curled on her lips as she followed the sound of its padded footsteps. Now, the city liked to change on her with the way it slowly stretched its corridors from the temple. She knew that. Anything could change over the course of a few weeks’ absence. What might have been a dead end one week could easily lead to an amalgamation of streets and more winding alleys the next.

This week, the raider met with the backside of a curious new motel blocking her way. Surrounded by more brick walls, some dumpsters and recycling bins, and rusty fire escape ladders, Mahlua crossed her arms and pursed her lips. Her eyes didn’t deceive her, did they?

From behind, a thick Russian accent coaxed, “Hey kid, want some Viagra?”

“Jeez, the spam ninjas are so weird here,” Mahlua sighed, turning to face the menace, fists raised.

The dumpster beside her rattled, and out from its questionably sticky depths, another ninja launched itself. Mahlua deftly stepped aside and grappled the beast by an arm. It turned to face her, rank breath grazing her face. “Cheap pharmacy stimulants for free, yes?” It said. Mahlua rolled her eyes and thrust her knee into its ribs.

The other ninja sprung for the attack as if to assist its buddy, only to be knocked down by the one he charged in to help. Mahlua dusted off her hands and took two fingers to draw a simple sigil—an upright triangle—in the direction of the inept enemies. A furious green flame erupted from the triangle’s center and burst against the dunce duo and caught instantly.

Screaming, the ninjas appeared to dance in a circle, patting themselves in a pathetic attempt to out the fire. One even managed to drop to the ground and start rolling.

“Idiots…that’s not just any fire,” the witch chuckled, resting her fingers to her temples. “Seriously, show a little bit of sideboob and even spam ninjas drop in IQ by at least forty points. You two probably hit the negatives coming in here. I’m almost sorry for you.”

“Dropping by forty puts you at the lower end of average, doesn’t it?” a familiar voice echoed.

“Psh, if I’m being modest, probably,” Mahlua turned to face the Tan on the roof nearby. “What brings you outside the temple, Ecchi-tan?”

“You, actually,” the pink haired girl said, gracefully hoping from the slanted shingles to solid ground.

“Me? I may be one of the few women around here, but I’m not that special,” Mahlua shrugged.

Ecchi-tan stepped forward, invading the witch’s space. “Don’t sell yourself short. You’re still able to come to and from here as you please, which is a bit of a task for some of our other residents. The collapse of the bridge has actually been a little, ah, troubling to our traffic flow.”

“And you believe that I can help with that?” Mahlua raised an eyebrow.

“To an extent. What we need is a new bridge, that way we can start making room for more guests than your little friends there.” Ecchi gestured to the crispy remains of the spam ninjas with an approving nod.

Mahlua leaned against the wall behind her and crossed her legs. “Forlorn and Dev seem to be able to get back here from time to time just fine on their own, but I assume you’re talking about something a little bigger than that.”

“Well, first thing’s first, we need EcchiWorld to be more stable. You’ve noticed that it continues to grow, right? The city has an ambition, but it needs to be controlled. It’s gotten a little too big for its population. So really what I’m asking from you is two little adventures,” Ecchi-tan explained. “First, you’ll need to find the heart of the city and reboot it, so to speak. Not like, factory reset, but like, turn it off and back on again.”

“Uh…huh.” Mahlua’s voice went flat.

“Then, we construct a new way for raiders to more easily access EcchiWorld from MR City directly. That’ll be the easy part.”

“And what about all that ‘heart of the city’ stuff?”

Ecchi-tan laughed. “Well, you know that labyrinth from the great raid last year?”

Silence hung in the air.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

Hentai Discussion / What Separates Hentai from Ecchi?
« on: December 22, 2017, 12:29:04 AM »
TinTin brought this one up as a possible topic back in the chit chat thread, and I believe this is a pretty good thing to keep track of.

Individual definitions between these two may vary, but in my experience, Hentai more or less is used synonymous with "porn". It may contain full nudity, explicit sex scenes, and/or a plotline mostly focused on the sexual encounters of the characters. That doesn't mean that there aren't things like character development and the like, but they aren't exactly the central point.

Ecchi means something sorta like "naughty" in Japanese and refers to a more lighthearted perverted genre where innuendos and fanservicey teases appear as part of the story focus. Because of that, ecchi series can be targeted to say, a middle school aged audience, whereas a hentai would be targeted more towards adults.

Of course, the line is a little thin and blurry between these two genres, as one can often feature elements of the other (such as ecchi humor in a hentai, or a brief risque moment that resembles a hentai within an ecchi series). That said, what do you guys think? Is pornographic nature the leading difference between the two, and is there a better way to distinguish?

Ecchi General Discussion / Best Harem Series
« on: December 22, 2017, 12:17:49 AM »
List any and all of your favorite ecchi series from the harem genre from anime, manga, video games, light novels--any ecchi platform available.

For me, my first harem was Sister Princess. Kind of a weird one, but it was all good lighthearted fun. More slice of life than anything. As the name suggests, the main trope pulled on here is the "sister with a brother complex"--and there are a lot of sisters this poor guy has with this. Some openly flirt with him, while the younger ones just like spending time with their handyman--erm, I mean big brother.

After that, I got into Rosario+Vampire, immediately followed by Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao (English title: Demon King Daimao). Both of these were pretty good, although I vastly prefer and recommend the RosaVam manga over the anime, simply because there is more story and content. They're both supernatural harems, with RosaVam's main premise being that a human boy somehow makes it into a school for monsters (despite humans not being allowed by the rules), and Daimao's main focus is a guy who applies to a magic school to become a priest...and things don't quite work out that way.

It's been a long while since I've seen a good harem, and the only other honorable mention I can think of at the moment is Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne! (or OniAi for short). This one is kinda like Sister Princess in that there is some basis in a sister with a brocon trope, but thankfully that's only one character. The cast was pretty balanced, even of the plot was a little...missing.

So, that's about it from me. What about you guys? Suggestions, nominations, a pie to my face?

Ecchi General Discussion / Ecchi Tropes--The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:42:38 PM »
After you've been around ecchi anime for a while, a few tropes tend to appear. Which ones work, which ones don't, and why? Discuss.

I'll start out with the glorious and infamous panty shot trope. When executed well, this can be a good bit of lighthearted fun; however, when executed too often or too poorly, you get the laughing stock that was the RosaVam anime (not to cast shade on the series as a whole. I love the manga). A lot of times, though, with the crazy camera angles that sometimes get put to use for this, more often than not, it just flops for me. It can feel forced or outright ridiculous.

What do you guys think of panty shots? Can you think of good executions?

And how about some other tropes? There's the delectable bath scene, obligatory beach episode, and the poor MC getting blamed for doing something pervy when it was all just a big accident or misunderstanding. Granted, each of these could develop into their own threads depending on interest level and who wants to take the time to compile together what anime and manga present the tropes well or poorly. On the whole, though, let's just talk about a few of them collectively.

Hentai Discussion / Hentai Art Gallery
« on: July 03, 2017, 10:07:04 PM »
Because we should probably be promoting other artists even if they aren't on the forum. Just to be on the safe side, I highly recommend checking if the user allows hotlinking, and if obtained from a second-hand source, that you should share the artist's name with the post, even if it means using a backwards Google image search to discover the origin.

Of course, as a hentai image thread, there will probably be 18+ material, just in case you couldn't put that together for the simple fact that it's a hentai image thread. I know if you hit PGDN you're viable to be slapped in the face with tig ol biddies. Sorry not sorry.

The reason I'm suddenly making this thread is because I happen to have found a work that caught my attention while fiddling around on Danbooru (because yes, sometimes I have to get my r34 fix too) so I figured, hey, why not? And what better way to start this off than with something traditional to me: Trish from Devil May Cry.

Artist: azasuke
Uploader: Ifs
Site host:

Alt Link?

I will remove any images upon artist's request, and as a courtesy, everyone should probably do the same. Again, this is only a place to share wonderful hentai or nsfw artworks and promote the artists who create them.

Ecchi General Discussion / Music that Gets You in an Ecchi Mindset
« on: July 03, 2017, 02:37:20 AM »
Music is a great connector of people across language barriers and many other things, and sometimes, there are some musicians that can entice the mind in certain ways that make you start going down the naughty path with your mind.

Now, be it for lyrics or just the general feel of a song, I figured we could do justice to music that isn't afraid to do something like what ecchi does with visuals.

Instantly, for me, a guilty pleasure of mine comes to mind: Blood on the Dance Floor (BOTDF). They have quite a few songs, but that one is a funny one. Granted, this band isn't meant to be taken seriously, like, at all. Somehow scene kids still drool over them like gods, though. For some example tracks:
"Candy Land"
"Call Me Master"
"Sexting (ft Jeffree Star)

Of course, they aren't the only ones I listen to when I want to imagine some naughty, twisted things. Good ol' Simon Curtis has me for lyrics that for some reason give me yaoi vibes. In particular, "Flesh" is a song I've associated with "blackrom" since my Homestuck years, and dear Lord I'd eat up some Mindfang/Redglare to this. Unf. Similarly, "Super Psycho Love" is the anthem for just about any yandere (or, to a lesser extent, some other deres).

Man, finding all these links for this is taking up some time. Yeesh.

Anyway, I guess to keep this a little shorter on myself, I'll throw in just a few more necessary songs:
Gotta have something by Myah Marie and the myth, the meme, the legend, "Bruises and Bitemarks" by Good with Grenades. As one last extra, I guess because I've gotten addicted to it lately, "Or Nah" by the Weeknd (although I prefer this version.)

So that's more explicit music, so be aware of all that 18+ stuff. Also, I may come back and also start talking about music that turns me on, because that helps me write some interesting works. I figure why not make this kinda thing an open forum, since for a lot of people, music helps them focus on their work, be it writing or drawing.

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