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so i figure i'll post some.... stuff, today i was practicing poses that could be... suggestive

so this is not finished, i just want to know if anything is off about the anatomy and maybe pointers before i finish the drawing

ok i put the warning in the below spoiler, then its the spoiler for the image.... when you guys said the spoiler system was broken, you were not kidding :/

so i try taking the warning out and have the spoiler be just the image

WARNING: kinda... rapey, like the event leads to it but it hasnt happened yet in the drawing

Updated (WARNING, still rapey)

so eventually i'll have stuff to post, so imma just make this here as i work on one now.... wish me luck, never really made a Rated 18 manga before... used to draw sexual stuff in highschool but that was a long time ago

Break Room / i just started but- im going away for a bit
« on: April 17, 2017, 12:09:02 PM »
i dont know if i am ok, i join this site, start to alienate my friends by starting to work on these stories for this site, then just this morning, i realised something that made me scrap all the stories, people dont want them, i actually feel sick thinking that people will judge me so it's best i lay dormant for a while

Welcome Center / I Live!!!
« on: April 16, 2017, 02:26:11 PM »
o-o i literally had problems... with forgetting my password, but i live

so hi, im here from MangaRaider, i draw... but some times i want to draw some yaoi

now i need to know, where would i go to post the art and the place to post actual manga pages (thinks its like MR), i may not post here often but when i do ... be prepared... i am a little strange (well  not really)

Info: my name is Crystal, im an artist... im a woman who likes her yaoi... dont really have a favourite yaoi but i do have a few on my shelf

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