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in response to doubts you may have had. No it's not a straight up romance. You'll start to see the dichotomy starting with chapter 2.


I hadn’t really asked for any of this, though I’m not sure if I should complain, after all, it’s not every day

you get to become a magical girl….wait that came out wrong.

   The sky seemed to explode before Tama could finish his thought. As the shock wave sent him flying

back he grabbed onto a pipe that had been exposed when he had slammed into the building’s roof a few

moments previously. Above him were two clashing figures, first of which was his step sister Aika. Though

being dressed in something that was above all black, feathery, and possibly a maid outfit, made it rather

hard to tell. Contrasting her on the left stood a man calling himself Zephyr. Looking like an anorexic in

striped tights, pointy shoes, and clown makeup gave the whole scene an added layer of silliness. That

however, was easily overcome by the fact that they were both standing on the air itself, and that the

explosion was caused by a scythe held by Aika with a blade of pure light, impacting Zephyr’s bare hands.

   Aika’s short red hair was going crazy from the shockwaves being put off by the impact. Tama also

noticed that her dominatrix esc boots were clashing horribly with her kitty print panties.  He figured he

already gave her enough trouble for not growing out of that phase and was 16 already though.

“It does seem odd though that these transformations take all of our clothes, but leave our underwear


“Tama-kun are you rating Aika’s panties again?!”

   Turning his head Tama looked up at his classmate Kaede. She was currently tightly pressed against

the side of the next building over. The bad side effect of being best friends with Aika was being pulled into

all of the “adventures” she got herself into, and this was turning out to be the mother of them all. Luckily

however Kaede’s white outfit left far less to the imagination. The white yet equally feathery costume left

her stomach, breasts, and thighs for the most part exposed. Tama felt quite chipper about this in fact,

and far less guilty about certain thoughts.

   Then, as if the universe had fallen in sync with Tama’s thoughts, Kaede’s skirt flipped up. Still being

stuck against the wall she had a distinctly difficult time pushing it back down, the weight of her long, light

brown hair being no help whatsoever.

“Mmmmm…Leggings. How did you know I was a fan?”


“You know you can’t resist my temptation Kae-de-chan!”

   He could see that Kaede shouted some sort of insult back, but the sound she made never reached

Tama’s ears. Instead all he perceived was the massive clanging sound of Aika’s scythe being thrown to

the side by Zephyr’s metal claws, quickly followed up by his sister slamming boot first into the building’s

roof and then grinding to a halt.

“You guys are certainly being loads of help!”

   Climbing over the rubble he’d been partially buried in, Tama stumbled over to his sister. Kaede was

still desperately trying to figure out the air walking, but made it to the building all the same.

“We weren’t exactly in much of a position to do anything Aika.”

“You’re sounding like Tama, Kaede. Please tell me you haven’t lost your sword yet.”

   Kaede responded by pulling a large white hilt with a blade of light from behind her back. Strangely

enough there was a strong cord tied to the end of the hilt, that preceded to wrap its way entirely around

her arm, connecting to the outfit at the shoulder.

“Still attached, still no idea how to use it.”

“A million times I tell you: Join kendo club with me. But noooo! You have to join theatre!”

“This wasn’t exactly a part of my life plan!”

“Ladies! Ladies!”

   Tama shoved his arms between them and pushed them apart. Straightening his face he put on the

manliest voice he could muster.

“We have bigger things to worry about right now. And if we don’t stand together right now there isn’t any

way we’ll be making it out alive. Follow me and fight with your hearts and with your heads! Tonight is our

night of victory!”

“Stop acting tough and take your hand of my breast.”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that till later Kaede-chan.”

   Tama became distinctly aware that his skull was on the verge of collapsing inwards from the force of

Kaede’s fist.


Holding his footing took all of Tama’s might, but he stood strong, though he opted to removed his hand

entirely upon his own will, and wouldn’t be changing that story any time soon.

“Regardless, let me take a try at this.”

   Looking up at Zephyr, Tama took in a deep breath. Their adversary had been standing there

patiently, cackling to himself. To put it eloquently: it pissed Tama the hell off.

“Hold still you piece of crap. I’m going to punch you in the face and I don’t want to miss.”

   Taking off for the roof’s edge, Tama’s outfit dragged behind him. Its gray color scheme seemed to

drain the color away from reality, which meant that his blue hair stuck out like a sore thumb at the top of

the tight trench coat. The seemingly solid piece of leather that wrapped around his torso made it hard to

breath, but having disjointed shoulders left his arms easily free to move. If he could just somehow find a

way to remove the damn feathers than hung from every conceivable joint and edge, he just might look


   Flying off the ledge a burst of wind seemed to automatically form behind Tama, giving him a massive

burst of speed. As Tama zoomed towards his enemy, he could feel a powerful torrent of wind forming

around his left arm as well, coiling itself into a spring tight enough it felt like it could launch a man into


“My name is Honami Tama! AND I AM A GOD DAMN MAGICAL GIRL!”

Welcome Center / Coryn has arrived
« on: November 07, 2009, 01:02:45 PM »
Hello everyone! Coryn Sken has returned! for those who dont know im from ecchiworlds sister site mangaraiders and i'm also a moderator there. good to be back and im off to my photobucket account to find my old ecchiworld sig.

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