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Break Room / Re: Official Ecchi chat !
« on: June 25, 2021, 09:06:10 PM »
Whoops I had to quit my job because my mental illnesses were acting up to the point that I was having more frequent panic attacks and sleep paralysis preventing me from going to work.
(Don't worry too much; I've emailed my therapist and we're going to set up something more intensive and see about getting me a psychiatrist to get on some different medications.)

Break Room / Re: Official Ecchi chat !
« on: June 24, 2021, 10:17:03 PM »
Not that anybody asked, but I recently got myself an AO3 to convince myself to go ahead and write out some of the fanfiction ideas I've had for a while. But, I'm constantly in fear of being cancelled because I like working with a lot of darker themes (e.g. incest) that people find "triggering" and I've known plenty of artists who've been sent death threats and all sorts of nastiness for it, so. I won't be sharing what my new pseudonym is over there, at least not publicly.

I've also helped Forlorn set up the Discord server a little bit more. We're trying to figure out a way to re-invigorate this place, and all I can think is to keep working on Reset after I catch up with MR: War Arc stuff. And, of course, I should get back into the habit of doodling and everything.

I always did joke that if the teaching thing didn't work out, that I should go into ecchi/erotica writing and art. I think now that that was actually pretty insightful of my past self. Now that I'm free from the constraints of forced philosophy of those I disagree with, I...feel more free to just create and exist.

I'm still having some personal problems with my mental and physical health, and I'll be moving in early August, and I still have to yell at the school to let me register for classes this Fall. And, I think I will be applying for graduate school in the English department, so that I can be on the fast track to teaching their freshman Rhetoric and Composition courses as a grad student. It's been rough, getting my feet under me these past couple of years.

Anyway that's just a little update. If this site stays dead is2g it'll just become my journal, so. Be active! Nobody wants to hear my gripes, lol.

Ecchi Manga Drawings / Re: Mahlua's Ecchi Dungeon
« on: June 12, 2021, 08:25:03 AM »
All right, just like on MR, I'm gonna post a few things here as I collect and find them. I think in the six pictures below, I got most of the lewd stuff I've drawn, and uh. Imma be real there are a lot of PPs and TTs if you know what I mean. And some stuff that I'll put content warnings on because y'all might clench your thighs pretty hard looking at some of this.

Content Warning

Content Warning

Content Warning

Break Room / Re: Official Ecchi chat !
« on: June 12, 2021, 07:23:10 AM »

Your hero has returned. I am back and I am more feral than ever. Later today I'm going to go through my sketchbooks and compile all my recent art for everyone. I do plan on getting back to writing Reset as well.

I am an open book; ask me anything about how my life's been.

Ecchi Manga Drawings / Re: Mahlua's Ecchi Dungeon
« on: June 30, 2019, 03:19:48 PM »
I cannot fight the Homestuck.

CW: nudity, tentablowjob.

Break Room / Re: Official Ecchi chat !
« on: June 18, 2019, 11:34:12 PM »
I'm still figuring that one out myself. I don't find it rude at all. :D

Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / 18+ Homestuck Oneshot: Fantasy
« on: June 18, 2019, 11:32:56 PM »
So I've been trying to get rid of my writer's block by just forcing myself to write any old garbage (like my reviews for this site). Anyway I had an idea this morning, so I decided, hey, it's short, why not write it?

Summary: Porrim is a rather intimidating for Kanaya, even though this is their first introduction. Poor Kanaya has a hard time keeping her composure, and later decides to take care of the pent up tension the meeting left her body with.

CW: quasi-incestuous thoughts, masturbation, troll genitals.

I originally titled this document:
Kanaya Is A Thirsty, Useless Gay.
As amazing as it was to meet Porrim, Kanaya couldn’t help but feel as though the conversation had dragged on long enough. She had managed to get her luminescence under control under her Dancestor’s direction, but now Porrim was going on about how fascinating it was to meet the Alternian trolls and the humans. Without a clear conversational out, Kanaya did her best to listen and be polite, but, as irony would have it, the number one distraction from listening was none other than the woman talking.

What mesmerized Kanaya the most was the curious way Porrim’s lip piercing tugged when she smiled. Kanaya’s eyes could not pry away from the glimmer of gold and how it stood out against Porrim’s black lips. Half-formed ideas passed through Kanaya’s mind. Would Rose look nice with one of those? How do they feel? These thoughts caused blood to creep up her neck, so she forced her ears to focus on Porrim’s words instead.

“Are you all right, dear?” Porrim asked. She stood with her arms crossed, and one eyebrow raised in a typical Maryam fussiness. It was like looking at some twisted mirror that took all of Kanaya’s insecurities and projected them back with all the glamour and beauty she never thought she had. Would she really have looked anything like this in just a couple more sweeps? Before her mind could wander any farther, Kanaya cleared her throat.

“Oh, yes. Perfectly fine. I suppose it’s just, I don’t know, jarring, to see the differences between us. With the others, I can see the relation, but, with you…” Kanaya trailed off. Gog, that probably sounded miserable and pathetic.

Porrim’s eyebrow arched, causing light to reflect off the gold of her piercings there. Since she was dead, her pale eyes gave little indication of her internal thoughts. Kanaya couldn’t tell if that was better or worse than if she could have seen those jade irises. Would they have been just as beautiful as the rest of her? Her ears began to get warm with the blood pumping to them. She rubbed the back of her neck, not sure what else to say.

“I don’t blame you, you know. On the surface, we have quite different takes, but it cannot be said that either one of us lacks fashion sense. Besides, from what little I’ve heard about you, it sounds like you care a lot about your friends.” Kanaya’s eyes snapped back into focus, taking in Porrim’s full face. Suddenly, she seemed so sad. “Before our session started tumbling down, I remember all the times I had to step in and play the ash role. Sound familiar?”

“Quite,” Kanaya muttered. She averted her eyes and bit her lip. The nervous gesture made her question again what it must have felt like to get that lip piercing Porrim sported so well. In her lower abdomen, a faint, warm sensation coiled. She tried to gulp it back down, trying to convince herself that she felt none of it.

Porrim took a step forward and rested an elegant hand on Kanaya’s trembling shoulder. “Are you sure you’re all right, Kanaya? I’m not taking up too much of your time?”

“N-n-no!” Kanaya stammered. The closeness of Porrim’s lips to her ears caused them to burn bright jade, and the words took some of those half-formed ideas from earlier and attempted to develop them further. Kanaya examined Porrim’s confused blinking and realized how she sounded. “I-I mean. You’re not taking up too much of my time. But, maybe I need a moment to process all of this.”

Resting a finger on her chin, Porrim appeared to contemplate this. “That’s fair. This whole set of universes does boggle the think-pan. Well, I’m sure we will encounter each other again. Maybe get to know each other a little better as well. You seem like a sweet girl, Kanaya.”

Words threatened to get caught in Kanaya’s throat again as the coiling feeling in her lower gut returned with a vengeance, but she forced them out. “Thank you. It really was a pleasure to meet you. I’ll be on my way now. Enjoy your afterlife!” She waved a hand and turned to leave.

Porrim’s shoulders relaxed as she let out a light laugh. “The pleasure was all mine. And don’t you worry, I will.” There was a note of something in her voice. Something silky and not quite sinister, but dark enough to send shivers over Kanaya’s skin. In response, she hurried her pace.

The dream bubble began to merge back with her familiar respiteblock in the meteor, but Kanaya still felt tense. She decided then and there that, if she ever ran into Porrim again, she should limit how long she stares at her, and how much she lets herself analyze her body language and her word choice and the way those words wormed their way into her ears and—

Kanaya forced herself to have a seat on one of the chairs that Rose alchemized for her. A comfortable green chair filled with beads that Rose called a beanbag. She scanned the room with frantic eyes, convinced her thoughts were so loud anyone could hear them, even from outside. The more she tried to push the thoughts of Porrim away, the louder her breath sounded to her pounding ears. She furrowed her eyebrows and pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to soothe herself.

She leaned back in the beanbag and let it swallow her form. When her thoughts began to blur into less of a messy race, Kanaya asked herself just what it was that bothered her so much. She was clearly anxious. But why?

The partially formed thoughts from before flooded back to the forefront of her mind. Thoughts of if the gold material of Porrim’s piercings would feel warm or cold, and if her lips would be cold in death. The contrast of gold on black made her wonder what Rose would look like with the same lip ring, she remembered that thought vibrantly. It was probably the idea of kissing Rose that tumbled down this mental landslide. Her mind drifted back to Porrim’s parting words and the way she said them. The tone of voice also reminded her of her matesprit, especially when Rose had a mind for particular flushed activities. But, there was something different, too. Kanaya figured the confusing nature of the whole Dancestor concept had something to do with the difference.

A familiar tug in her lower regions snapped Kanaya’s attention to the present. A thick blush crept into her face from her ears. She turned her head and scrutinized the room for any possible places anyone would come through. Satisfied that she was alone, Kanaya unbuttoned the side of her skirt and slid the fabric down her thighs. Just as she thought. Her unruly bulge poked out a little from its containing membrane. She let out a heavy sigh.

With caution, Kanaya lowered her skirt and underwear out of the way to avoid staining them. Meanwhile, the stimulation of fabric sliding down her thighs coaxed her bulge the rest of the way out of its sheath. Kanaya let her hand trail back up along her thigh and watched the appendage coil around her wrist. In her mind, she saw her wrist belonging to another. She closed her eyes and let her fingers circle around the base of her shaft. She imagined longer, more elegant fingers going slick with the body fluids oozing with abundance from her pores. For a moment, she almost felt guilty for her matesprit, but the feeling faded when she thought back to that curious metal ring, and how it might feel against her lips.

Of course she had heard the rumor that her Dancestor had plenty of flings across the quadrants. What would one more mean to her? And with that experience, maybe Porrim could think of better things to do with Kanaya’s aching nook and bulge. Simultaneously, Kanaya thought of how Rose had taken her with her mouth, and imagined what it would be like with Porrim instead. Would the ring be warm or chilly against sensitive jade flesh? In response, a fresh trickle of juices leaked onto the beanbag under her. Kanaya would have to apologize for that later, she knew, but in the moment, it made the feeling of her bulge writhing that much more intense.

She wondered if Porrim’s bulge was as unruly as hers, which gave way to the thought of what it would feel like choking her nook, or her throat. Kanaya let out a high-pitched groan and gripped her shaft as best as she could to let her other hand stroke the wet nook underneath. Her breathing hitched. It felt so good that she had trouble keeping both appendages busy. But, if Porrim were just ****ing her, it would be so much easier…

…Before she knew it, Kanaya felt her bulge swell under her hand with a rush of juices. She whimpered, forcing herself to pump from tip to base and back up. She pulled her other hand aside to brace. Each shallow breath punctuated with a small squeak of pleasure. Then, finally the dam broke. It happened mid-inhale, and the sound that left her mouth crossed a gag, a cough, and a short scream. Reproductive juices drenched the seat under her and flowed down in little trails.

Still gasping for breath, Kanaya pushed herself up, afraid that she might slide and get some of her mess on her shirt. Her knees wobbled as she stood. She shook her hands off to fling drops of jade away enough to hook into the waist of the skirt pooled around her ankles. She felt dizzy.

Curiosity got the better of her, and she turned to examine the damage done to the beanbag. Thanks to Rose’s unintended ingenuity, the green of the chair was close to the color of Kanaya’s fluids, although they would probably stain darker later and betray her. A half smile tugged at her lips. Of all the shenanigans that happened aboard this meteor, a little self indulgence could hardly come under fire for taboo. Nobody had to know just what brought her to that point.

Now that her breathing had returned to a much more stable state, Kanaya hoped that such intrusive thoughts of her Dancestor would leave her alone.

Break Room / Re: Official Ecchi chat !
« on: June 17, 2019, 07:44:41 PM »
Trying to get back to writing by doing a couple of anime reviews here for you guys. Then I have less than a dozen scenes left to write for that didly darn cosplay show for my friend, and then MR stuff, and then maybe Reset will come out of the woodwork.

I alluded to a lot more in my High School DxD review but I'll be brief.
I have three subs now. To differentiate between them I call them by their types. A bratty little, a good painsl8t, and the little pet (who sometimes I may simply refer to as "that David Bowie lookin motherf8cker" (also for some reason he's older than me? (and yes he's a he. shock to the world there. I can just smell your fiery exploded minds from here))).

And also the bigger news. I've been going to therapy for a while and we finally got around to discussing my gender and whoops wow turns out I'm a lot more masculine than I thought? Like, I sorta came to the conclusion about a year ago but I never really did anything about it and then my therapist was like, "Have you considered undergoing a social transition into being a man? It doesn't have to be permanent or anything, but you may never fully know if this is how you are unless you start to embrace it" and boy she was right. My chest binder came in today and I look hella rad. The label I'm going with for now is "nonbinary trans man".

So yeah now you guys are pretty much up to speed, I think. Time to go change my gender icon on the site to be blue and join the testosterocean in which our fine site inhabits.

Edit: oh yeah my birthday happened so I'm 22 now. Yiggidy Yeet.

Ecchi Anime Reviews / Re: Green Green Anime
« on: June 17, 2019, 07:08:14 PM »
So, I’ve heard about this anime a couple of different times from you guys here on EcchiWorld. Of course I had to go and see what the hype was about. Unfortunately, the site I was watching on only had the dub, and I sought the OVA/13th episode or whatever elsewhere. Boy, do I have some strong opinions.

This anime is like, complete garbage, man. I’m not gonna try to front or sugar coat it. Why did y’all like this? Okay, the dub may have been awful for different reasons but I can still pick apart the main plot. Everyone is kind of an 8sshole. I couldn’t like any of the characters all that much with the exceptions of Chigusa and Futaba, and that was only sometimes. Most of the time they were on the fence of tolerable.

Art and animation were fine, I guess. I get the feeling it was supposed to be a lot more charming?

I’m not going to bother going into spoiler territory here since the actual plot gets revealed either in the narration from the first part of every episode or with the last two episodes, with everything in between being virtually useless.

For characters, we have an almost normal guy: Yuusuke. Then we have the three stooges except none of their jokes are funny and also they can’t figure out that talking to a girl is literally pretty much the same as talking to a guy but instead they’re gonna get caught peeping on the girl’s bath. Again. There’s also a recurring side character and I don’t know if they ever gave him a name but he’s actually kinda funny. He looks like an emo kid. The class president of Kananome is a rebellious looking dude who scares the girls and doesn’t do much.
Then for girls we have:
Midori: a raging idiot who doesn’t understand personal boundaries nor or consent nor that people can change depending on their present lifetime. A walking, useless plot device with a big mouth that says a whole lot of nothing important very loudly.
Reika: a girl who knows exactly what’s going on and goes out of her way to point out that Midori’s plans won’t exactly work at every opportunity. I wouldn’t be so bad given the ending, except that she literally asked to be roomed with Midori seemingly just to keep rubbing her failures in her face? Like, wow. You can help the girls study for their exams and all and you can even go and do what you did in the ending Reika but you’s a 8itch.
Futaba: Probably the only girl who’s almost actually good for something, except that her actions to try to deflect the pervy three stooges flop at every turn. But, hey, at least she’s appropriately upset. Unlike almost everyone else.
Cactus girl: I literally forgot her name despite all their names being shown during the OP. The only important factor seems to be that she can commune with her pet cactus. It tells her the future.
Sanae: A sickly girl. Mostly there to be the object of affection from one of the three stooges.
Chigusa: A nurse and teacher, I guess, who helps organize events to help the boys and girls mingle. Takes a lot of the sexual harassment that’s brought to her attention way too lightly.

I don’t really care if the sub is completely different in characterization because I don’t think I can stand to watch this show again. The only good things that came out of it are the OP and ED because they introduced me to the Japanese ska punk band MILKTUB so a broken clock is right twice a day. Overall I’m not going to bother giving a score. I’m just going to say that I don’t recommend it.

Although I probably look at this show as harshly as I do because like right before I watched it I watched High School DxD and had a bit of a “discussion” with a friend of mine about how not all ecchi is garbage. And then I watched this and completely understood why my friend had such a low opinion of the genre. So there’s a lot of bitterness behind my view that totally colors my bias and perception here.

Ollie out my dudes.

Edit okay it's not just me. I linked my pet to this review and he sent me this video:

Ecchi Anime Reviews / High School DxD
« on: June 13, 2019, 06:46:39 PM »
Heyo, guys. Long time no see! And I’m sorry about that. I’ll save all the mushy stuff for another post, because right now I have something more fun to share.

So I finally managed to watch the anime of High School DxD through the release of Hero. Because there’s just so much ground to cover, this review will not be following my normal format. I will be dividing this up into spoiler segments so you can pick and choose what parts of the review matter most (or which portion you want to hear me ramble about my opinions on the most).

Just a couple of disclaimers before I get into the meat of things. First: I did watch the English Dub of the series, so if you’ve watched the sub, be aware that some localization is likely. But boy was it one of the greatest dubs I’ve ever seen. More on that in just a moment. Secondly: since I’m looking at the series as the series as a whole, be aware that there will be spoilers. Because, duh. Now, with that out of the way, here’s what you all came here for.


Horny, perverted Issei Hyoudo lands the first date of his subpar life, only for his date to reveal that she is a fallen angel sent to kill him. She succeeds, but luckily for our boob-loving friend, Issei happened to catch the eye of not a guardian angel—but a guardian devil. Rias Gremory, a high-class devil, decides to save Issei’s life, but, in return, he must serve as her Pawn.

As Issei begins working as a devil, he discovers a mysterious power he was born with. It is the power of the Red Dragon Emperor, a mighty force capable of multiplying his ability. With it, he decides that his dream is to become a harem king, and under the Gremory name, he battles stray devils, exorcists, priests, devils, holy swordsmen, fallen angels, heroic figures, and even gods to make that dream a reality. But, it will be a long, difficult path to follow.

Yes, I know. I’m a dub junkie. It’s really easy to sweep my opinion on the matter under the rug since I have such a heavy bias, but please, I’d almost beg anyone to watch the dub of this anime at some point. I cannot say how it compares to the sub because I’m not going to rewatch the series just for that sake. But there were some amazing things that I noticed as I watched this one.

First, it’s hard to give too much credit to Jamie Marchi’s skill. There is a reason she’s such a big name American voice actress. All the other lead characters were also fantastic, do not get me wrong. The reason I call to Jamie Marchi is because her effective star power really seems to garner attention. I’ve seen a comment on BTVA that says she did more justice to Rias Gremory than the original Japanese voice actress. I dunno about a statement like that, but I definitely agree that this was a character/actress matchup made in heaven (or the underworld, teehee). Her line delivery rarely disappoints, and the range and depth she gives both vocally and emotionally helps Rias shine.

But, of course, it’s not just Rias who shines. I have no complaints about any of the lead cast, even into Hero as the Gremory house continues to expand. Having watched subs before, I can see what character type the English dub team was going for with Koneko. It’s usually difficult to pull off that flat, monotone character because English utilizes a lot more pitch change than Japanese (especially considering that Japanese shares a lot in common with tonal languages and even has tones, from what I’m told by my friends studying the language.) Even with that bit of a barrier in place, Jad Saxton still manages to successfully pull it off.

The supporting cast also hits it out of the park, even with Issei’s two pervy friends who try way too hard to sound like a hip playa, yo. It’s such a high school thing to do—to puff yourself out like they do. It’s awkward and cringey, but in an intentional way. It really helps that there isn’t any attention drawn to it. They just kind of exist, and even the characters put them in their own stupid little bubble. It works.

Those are just a couple of named examples of bits of acting and directing that worked well, but there’s one other huge reason why the dub works as well as it does. The actors worked to their best, and what helps push them over the edge is simple. It’s the script. The translation team delivered some of the most natural flowing conversation I’ve heard like, ever. I’d argue that the script developed for this show works better than many scripts for shows originally written in English. I’m sure the original Japanese gave a lot to work with, so by no means am I implying that the sub is boring or anything like that. It’s just that some parts of the dub were so memorable because of the direction they took with writing the lines. There was even a reference to the Tide Pod challenge in Hero (the fourth season). At points, it felt like a well done abridged series joke—except that it was completely legit and canon.

I think what really makes the script pop to me is when I hear the characters talking casually with each other, it actually sounds like how my friends and I talk. Yeah, we’re a rather vulgar lot. It was kind of a breath of fresh air to hear so much casual swearing and all the hilarious and out-there nicknames for boobs they come up with. Normally if there’s swearing in an anime dub, at least in the ones I’ve seen, it’s relatively sanitized and kept to a minimum except in crucial, high-emotion moments. With DxD, though, a swear will slip into conversation and it’s made out to be normal. And I, for one, appreciate the hell out of it. I didn’t really think much of how little swearing I hear in most dubs until I heard how much was in DxD (which is still a far cry from how frequently I swear, but I understand that there’s limited time to get a lot done). I suppose it could be a turn-off for some people, but, I mean, if someone can’t handle referring to breasts as knockers and milkjugs and all the words usually hidden under asterisks, then I don’t think they could handle the amount of boobage and perversity in the show anyway. I think that’s why they were able to get away with it, really. The language matched the content. And it was honestly incredible.

And after a quick look back on BTVA, I learned that the voice directors for all four seasons are pretty well established voice actors and voice directors, so that explains a heck of a lot. Clearly this was just a blessed project from the beginning.

The Rating Game is a game played by devils and their households as a show of strength and is used to determine ranks of devils based on power and ability. It is how the current devil kings achieved their status, as opposed to inheriting power through a bloodline.

What interests me most about the Rating Game is that it introduces a fundamental power dynamic among devil households. One who begins collecting pieces in their household is assigned the rank of king within that group, and may collect up to the number and type of pieces as in the board game of chess: eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and one queen. These are not an exact measure of each piece’s ability, but rather a way to typify one’s battle position. Where the power dynamic comes into play is that, as far as the anime has demonstrated, the other pieces all serve the king. That is, the king piece is usually a higher class devil and the other pieces are that devil’s subordinates or servants.

Through the series, it is pointed out that Rias’s team has a great strength because she treats her household like family. She in some fashion saved each of her pieces’ lives when she made them into a devil and gave them a new purpose. Because of that, they all love, respect, and serve her with all their hearts.

What makes me so eager to point this out is due in large part to my BDSM background. “Household” is not exclusively a BDSM term, but in the case of the Gremory household serving Rias, I’d say the shoe fits. There are some times that it doesn’t appear to be a perfect fit, but generally speaking Rias makes an okay domme. Every single time she has a one on one with her any of her servants and she says something about how she’s proud of them, or even when she’s scolding them, I felt that. The example that comes to mind first is when Issei convinces Saji and Koneko to join him in helping out Kiba, who has run off, even though it goes against a direct order from Rias. When Rias discovers this, unlike Sona, the first thing she does is make it clear how glad she is that everyone turned out okay. It then turns into a comedic moment when she turns the situation into a proper punishment of the same vein as Sona, but as Issei prepares for punishment, Koneko steps in and demands to take half the punishment since she did not stop him. Rias agrees to give her one spank, and it is a light one. She then explains that she believes it was a fair punishment because of how Koneko stepped up and recognized her fault. She then proceeded to give Isseei the other 999 spankings. Exaggeration of the number of spankings aside, it was a really tender moment for me. I looked at that and went, “Wow, that was extraordinarily well done from the perspective of a dom.” Not to say that Sona’s methods were less valid by any means. Her relationship with her household is different. Rias, being more “family” oriented, gives off a pretty big “Mama” vibe to me. And, to quote her own mother, “It’s only kinky if you say Mommy.”

That joke reminds me of another thing. Part of what makes the whole dynamic beautiful to me is that it’s not one of the things that’s played up for kink and fanservice. It isn’t really suggested that the other boys are secretly in love with Rias, nor is it implied that she romantically loves them either. The girls, in fact, all seem to have romantic interest in Issei as opposed to their Master, so much so that Rias begins to have difficulty getting control of them and making them realize that he is her property. Furthermore, Issei doesn’t really know what to do with his feelings because of the M/S dynamic, and in later seasons struggles with recognizing that Rias is in love with him because he wonders if that could even happen, let alone if it would be appropriate.

So, while that might just be a me thing, I don’t see why I shouldn’t bring it up. I’m ecstatic that it’s just something that’s there, and I’m glad that it’s not a forced conversation. If someone doesn’t want to think about dom/sub stuff too much, they don’t have to. It can be seen as a convenient “people listen to people with power” plot device and nothing deeper. But for those who do look at it that way, it’s not an awful depiction. It’s leagues above other instances of power dynamics I’ve encountered. So much so that it’s…kinda wholesome, really. It warms my heart, and I did not expect that from an ecchi show where a guy develops powers to blow the clothes off a girl if he touches them and the ability to talk to boobs. It was a pleasant little surprise, so I had to bring it up.

Let me start this off by saying that I do not personally feel that a formula, on its own, makes a show good or bad. Formulas, archetypes, tropes, or whatever you call them, are just tools for a creative team to work with. Inevitably, everything has them. Now, I wanted to address this formula as it is used in the second half of the fourth season in particular, because that is when it really struck me as an outstanding use of it.

After the mid-season finale in Hero, the Gremory household prepares for the rating game against the underworld’s number one young devil with whom they already have an established rivalry. It’s a typical formula. Good guy finds rival. Rival beats his ass. Good guy trains a lot, maybe learns a new skill. Big fight happens. Good guy defeats rival, usually by unlocking some new ability. Yup, that’s the second half of the fourth season in a nutshell. But, I wanted to draw out the values pumped into this equation that really made the outcome so favorable.

First, the rival was a well-developed character with realistic stakes. I’d hesitate to even call him a bad guy or an antagonist. Sairaorg is fighting because his physical strength is all he has. He was cast out of his high class family for not having enough demonic power. If he comes out as number one, he can show the whole underworld that his family was wrong and that he’s valid. That makes you really wanna root for him, despite the main characters being in the Gremory household, not the Bael one. Even so, Sairaorg himself tells Issei in their first unofficial battle that he wants Issei to get stronger. He wants the best fight possible to ensure that he will be accepted as a devil. This is a huge contrast to other fights the Gremory household has been in. The stakes are totally different. Sure, there are recurring characters like Vali who want Issei to get stronger and all that, but it’s Sairaorg’s motivation that puts him a prime cut above the rest. Like I said, his motivation is realistic and sympathetic.

If the first point is stakes, the second point is power scale. When Issei and Sairaorg first fight, Issei can barely keep up. Later, when Sairaorg faces off against three members of the Gremory house in a three on one, he takes huge hits and still wins with relative ease. When he does face off against Issei in the final match of the Rating Game, the announcer says something along the lines of that it was like a schoolyard fistfight, except there’s no teacher to break it up and each punch could explode a normal person’s skull. I’m not one for exaggerated physical violence and explosions and people being launched into huge craters and all that, but it had me hype. And it’s not just Sairaorg. Issei struggles with his power and, after being knocked unconscious, has to surpass the negative emotions of all (most?) of the previous holders of the Red Dragon Emperor’s power to get back up and fight harder. That’s multiple lifetimes worth of pain, rage, and determination to overcome. But, anything for tig ol’ biddies, am I right?

There were probably multiple other factors that contributed to how rewarding the final battle was to watch. Either way, for a grand finale, it was virtually flawless in execution. I say virtually because anything can have room for improvement. Not that I’d know what that could be here. I was on the edge of my seat, engaged, and even screaming at the screen (although I admit, I may have been ingesting my drug bread juice, aka beer, and that might have something to do with the screaming). Even after binging the whole series in less than a week, I will still hype. When everything started wrapping up, it was a nice closure to the huge crescendo that comes from that shounen formula. That doesn’t normally happen to me with long series. I get bored of fights easily. That’s why I’m not big on most shounen to begin with. All in all, that’s just more proof that DxD succeeded in making good use of the formula.

This review is gonna be over 3k words so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

My favorite main characters are Rias, Issei, Akeno, Xenovia, Gasper, and Rossweisse. My favorite side characters are Sona and Kuroka. That’s probably all y’all really wanted to know, let’s be real.

Rias is not quite but sorta dom goals. Loving, yet firm.

Issei is a pretty okay guy, and he recognizes when he’s being a dickweed, which is an astoundingly rare skill. I realize looking back on Reset that there are a lot of similarities between how I write as the character Mahlua and how Issei presents himself. It was totally unintentional; I only just now watched High School DxD.

Akeno has an attractive attitude. I could go for her being less uppity towards her master, but perfection is hard to obtain. She also vaguely reminds me of Saeko from HOTD, but in a good way. I need more delightful sadists.

Xenovia is…admittedly pretty stupid. But, not in an annoying bimbo kind of way. Once she starts going more for what she wants, she becomes a lot more enjoyable.

GASPER MY PRECIOUS CHILD COME HERE SWEETIE I PROMISE I’LL KEEP THE SCARY MEAN PEOPLE AWAY YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD BOY AND I LOVE YOU. (Ahem.) He’s adorable, and I can kinda relate to some aspects of the social anxiety. It makes me wanna be there for him and celebrate his victories.

Rossweisse. *Takes deep breath and makes the meme “boi” gesture.* Rossweisse.

Sona has that stern student council president trope going for her. Well put together. I can appreciate that.

Kuroka is an interesting character on top of being a hot cat girl. Wanting her sister back isn’t all that awful, although the things she does otherwise are. Also the holder of one of the greatest lines in the dub. “Yes, you still taste like a virgin.”

High School DxD was a fun trip for me, and a great way for me to relax and get some stress out of my system. It also has great meme quality for me to quote it at my friends and watch them suffer. “Suck on them titties~” has become a phrase among my roommates and myself. The characters are excellent, the dub is one of the best I’ve heard, and somehow it inspired me to be a better dom to my subs.

9.5 out of 10
Because unfortunately nothing is perfect and there are some minor flaws I didn’t discuss.

Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
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I'm hoping to only go through one reboot. One run to finish the damn thing, and another to iron out the wrinkles as best as I can. Believe me, even I don't want Reset to go on an endless loop. But, I don't want it to be an awful read the first time around either. Writing is hard. :P

Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« on: May 07, 2019, 11:11:28 PM »
Hrmm...To put it more clearly, I think that posting a chapter once I've at least proofread it gives me a kind of accountability to keep going. Just knowing other eyes are on it gives me a little boost of motivation to actually finish so I can actually go back and fix the super gross parts. So, in a way, I owe you guys a big thank you for putting up with its shoddy second-draft ish state. Believe me, nobody wants to see my real first drafts. They're on paper and an awful mixture of scribbled print and cursive combination with doodles and annotations and arrows and good gods what a mess.

The need to finish posting all the chapters in some degree of readability is a big help for me. It keeps my brain coming back to the ideas behind the story. If I didn't feel like I'd be letting you guys down by dropping the project in the middle, then I probably would've...just dropped the project by now? (Whether or not you'd actually be disappointed is irrelevant to the fact that I view myself as responsible for it.)

So, I hope that the quality isn't too awful. It's possible to do for this what I did to my old Vocaloid fanfic ages ago. I got halfway through it, got fed up with the quality of the first few chapters, and then went back and rewrote it up to the point it had been and then completed it from there.

The irony that I would be resetting Reset is not lost on me.

Break Room / Remember That Time..? Yeah, It Happened.
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I may have mutually broken off with my two partners recently, but something sort of amazing happened last night.

The person I've been really wanting to go after for quite a while now (read: like two years) was taking me home from an event, and I may have pulled off the smoothest, suavest bullsh8t in my life.

I turned to her and said, "You know, the conversation earlier reminded me of this hilarious conversation my roommate and I had. We were trying to figure out 'Is there actually a tactful way to ask for casual sex?'."
She laughed at this and shook her head, saying "Nah, nah..."
I smiled and added, "I dunno, though. How do you think I did just now?"
Her face scrunched up in confusion at first, but then she bowed her head to the steering wheel and quietly laughed in an I-can't-believe-you-just-did-that tone.
When she got herself together a little, I explained, "It's something that's been on my mind for a while and it's been driving me crazy, so I figure having a solid answer will make me feel less out of my mind. Of course, I understand that sometimes physical contact is bleh, so I'll totally take a 'no'."
She stared out the windshield for a moment.
"Maybe. I'll think about it."
I saw that tiny smile.

I think I may have just succeeded in one of the most befuddling interactions people have been trying to figure out forever.

Everyone remember this story? Good. Because I do. and BOY.

I don't even know where to begin so I'll just go through this chronologically.

Since that conversation in her car, things have been mostly the same as they always were between she and I. That is, me being super attracted to her but hardly being able to say anything for fear of breaking some unspeakable tension. Whatever. In the last few months she's started to open up when the group conversations turn sexual, which is frequent in my friend group. In one on one talks, she's even made statements about "Maybe I'll fall under the spell of your weird orgy house or whatever" and about how she'd be totally okay with the idea of having sex with me as a person.

So, I got a cold or something real bad and I had to pretty much be shoved out of work two weeks ago because my manager felt my forehead and was concerned that I might have a fever. Which was probably because I was having a hot flash at that exact moment but I felt like garbage so I wasn't going to correct her if that meant I could go home.

The friend who was available to pick me up happened to be the same chick. The woman I've been thirsty for since freshman year of uni. So like four years. We go back to her place because where I live is more out of town and my roommate would be able to pick me up later anyway and all that jazz. I took some meds to feel better and we just kind of flopped on the couch and watched Ghost Adventures to make fun of it. All pretty normal up to this point. I wind up flopping over onto her to get a better view of her laptop screen, because it's small and hard to see when there's a lot of darkness (which, duh, Ghost Adventures...not exactly filmed during the daytime mostly?).

Eventually she turns to me and is like, "Shall we continue to partake of our fine cheese or do you wanna just cuddle and see where that goes?"

And I just about damn died.

It started with some snuggles on the couch, which were really nice, by the way. And then she mentioned wanting to "play around a little" since her roommate shouldn't be back for a while. As we're going to her room, I hear words I never. Ever. Thought I'd hear come out of her mouth. Especially not directed at me.

"I need those clothes off you. Now."

Unfortunately I was on my period, so the pants stayed, but...Aggressive make-outs were had when we made it to her bed, and she had me on my back in no time. Now I'm normally much more of a take it slow and enjoy the ride kind of person. But she was so intense...I could hardly keep up with her. I could only really hold her and maybe scratch her back. If she was sucking my neck, that gave me just enough of a window to bite hers. More words I never thought I'd ever hear from her directed at me happened here, including "I'm in the mood to make you cum."

Given the whole period situation, things didn't escalate much beyond that. Unfortunately. I asked if there was anything I could do for her to ease that, and then this 8itch just. Wow. What a top. She just goes, "No. This is for me to relax." Iconic.

It seems to have been left open ended for when I'm off the rag, so maybe sometime this week we'll see if she's still "in the mood to make me cum." Because hot diggidy damn I ain't been topped like that in...(counts on fingers) gods, eight years! And y'all...y'all...I been hung up on this girl for so long. I just about couldn't believe it was finally happening.

Worth noting that I have pictures of the hickies she left on me. I left some on her, too, but no pictures of that. It was kinda funny sometime last week, when I was over there with some friends. She was wearing a longsleeve pajama shirt, and usually she's the first to complain that everything is too hot. F@#$%ing polar bear of a woman. Someone actually pointed it out. "Wow, you wearing fleece in this weather?". We're all probably lucky that friend didn't know the reason, or couldn't discern it.

Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
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And off into the wild I disappear once more, lol.

For Rubix
Regarding Chapter 20
1. My friends jokingly call me a reptile because I'm almost always wearing two layers of clothes. Anything under 70 degrees Fahrenheit is chilly to me. Around 72-75 is where I can comfortably wear one layer. That is my happy place and it is not common where I live currently. So, despite my battle prowess...I'm almost always cold, lol. Another reason I match well with hedgehogs. Some of them fall into hibernation below 70 degrees.
2. Huh, got a point in that it sounds a little shorter. I'll consider that, if I ever go back and like, mega-edit this whole hunk of junk.
4. The dialect is loosely based on how people talk around where I'm from. Especially a noun that refers to a group with a singular verb.
5. I have thought about writing a fic about that actually. I know exactly who I would base the teacher on, too. The fic would be set right after HTR, when Mahlua kind of goes drifting for a bit.
12. Yeah, kind of an energetic read. She accidentally cut through his defenses.
13. Meanwhile I was listening to Pretty Little Hate Machine just a few hours ago...

for Rubix
Regarding chapter 21
1. Another amazing catch. The construction of "might send" is present tense. Shwoopsie.
5. Have you ever taken a bite of something that was so sweet you almost couldn't eat it? Like that. Me and Fruity Pebbles cereal. Just too sweet for me.
7. Totally the bartender's defenses. Think of the vine that goes "Try me, 8itch."
8. More on that later.
9. Oh yeah. I hate having emetophobia sometimes because I will literally dance so hard that I start to taste metal in the back of my throat--you know, like you might be about to puke? Then I'm out of commission for like half an hour while suppressing an anxiety attack. This has happened at like the last three dances I've gone to.
12. Hrrm...More things to consider in a far off distant idea of an idea to edit this later.
13. I mean... (waggles eyebrows)
18. A nod to my current struggle with the stuff again in real life.
22-end: The reason I wanted to title the chapter "Mindless Self Indulgence". I love me some vampires, as I'm sure we all well know by now. Or should, if you made it this far.

As for Coryn, oof, I hate that you're right. I'm trying to rush to actually finish this project since it's so huge and daunting. Doubly so because I seem to only be able to work on it in small bursts like that. I've told myself that I should just get the whole thing written so that it's out there and it's there and we're cool, and then I can worry about editing later. That way it actually gets written at all and I'm not so caught up in making the perfect product. We all know that perfect products don't exist. Right? I hope that doesn't just sound like a wimpy excuse...

I feel that it's only appropriate for the LGBT+ community to define itself, and not for others to try to latch on to a marginalized group because "hey, we feel marginalized and want to be connected to this unrelated thing that has attention so that we'll get attention." Sure you could say that people attracted to fictional characters are sexually marginalized, but whether or not it's LGBT+...I'm a little skeptical. Although: I'm pretty sure I remember there being a name for attraction to fictional characters in the ASPEC community.

I can see the connection you're talking about with the anime community and it is kind of scary to think about, but thankfully I've never dealt with too many of that sort personally. On top of that, it's kind of hard for white supremacists (who are typically associated with the alt-right) to get into anime in the first place considering they'd have to like something made by people who are decidedly not white, so that's a plus.

All in all, you can try to call yourself LGBT+ or whatever for liking fictional characters, but if you're already dealing with THOSE PEOPLE(tm) then they're probably just going to make fun of you for it rather than think about themselves in a new light.

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