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Title: Should we Include Toonophilia in the LGBTQA+
Post by: It’s still me on April 16, 2019, 10:32:44 PM
Why hasn't the community addressed it. Obviously we eel sexual attraction to anime characters. It goes beyond Waifu. Every joke has some truism.

Yeah, say its ironic and whatever, but you are just living in denial.

SO right now, the anime community is veering a little right for my taste. I think an interesting way to bring them back is for them to be forced to admit they find anime characters sexually attractive. That way, they can see progressives as the only logical choice and stop hiding behind freedom of expression in order to hide their sexuality.

what are your thoughts?

Title: Re: Should we Include Toonophilia in the LGBTQA+
Post by: rubixmaestro on April 26, 2019, 07:23:33 PM
If I find a kawaii waifu I'm not attracted to the pixels on the screen, I have an image in my head that I like very much and I feel attracted to that, but it doesn't deserve its own category in my opinion. Even people who predict or decide real life events according to dreams understand that they need to translate those into real life terms.

Sure, people will marry 3d anime models and stuff in Japan. Sure, maybe in 2200 this post will be outdated hate speech, but for now I'm thinking that's ridiculous and it's more practical to stay by gender and stuff. Or whatever.

In the end it's not some new category, it still has to do with humans.

What do you mean by anime community veering to the right?
Title: Re: Should we Include Toonophilia in the LGBTQA+
Post by: It’s still me on April 29, 2019, 09:17:38 AM
Dude. Hentai is a genre of porn that is growing in popularity. You can see it has taken over some state and countries top porn search.

You can be straight or whatever and still be into toons.

Why is the anime community veering right?

Here are some situations that are moving it right.

1) loli censorship.
2) small communities within anime that are pushing against MeToo/ diversity
3) anime is now considered anti-PC
4) the right loves Japan for its mono culture
5) common ground between weebs, incels and the alt-right

Title: Re: Should we Include Toonophilia in the LGBTQA+
Post by: MahluaandMilk on May 06, 2019, 03:05:13 AM
I feel that it's only appropriate for the LGBT+ community to define itself, and not for others to try to latch on to a marginalized group because "hey, we feel marginalized and want to be connected to this unrelated thing that has attention so that we'll get attention." Sure you could say that people attracted to fictional characters are sexually marginalized, but whether or not it's LGBT+...I'm a little skeptical. Although: I'm pretty sure I remember there being a name for attraction to fictional characters in the ASPEC community.

I can see the connection you're talking about with the anime community and it is kind of scary to think about, but thankfully I've never dealt with too many of that sort personally. On top of that, it's kind of hard for white supremacists (who are typically associated with the alt-right) to get into anime in the first place considering they'd have to like something made by people who are decidedly not white, so that's a plus.

All in all, you can try to call yourself LGBT+ or whatever for liking fictional characters, but if you're already dealing with THOSE PEOPLE(tm) then they're probably just going to make fun of you for it rather than think about themselves in a new light.