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Hentai Discussion / Should we Include Toonophilia in the LGBTQA+
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:32:44 PM »
Why hasn't the community addressed it. Obviously we eel sexual attraction to anime characters. It goes beyond Waifu. Every joke has some truism.

Yeah, say its ironic and whatever, but you are just living in denial.

SO right now, the anime community is veering a little right for my taste. I think an interesting way to bring them back is for them to be forced to admit they find anime characters sexually attractive. That way, they can see progressives as the only logical choice and stop hiding behind freedom of expression in order to hide their sexuality.

what are your thoughts?

Break Room / JAV industry
« on: March 14, 2019, 02:32:50 PM »
So, lets talk about the Japanese Adult Video industry.

FIRST TOPIC to discuss.
Why is it more... experimental than the U.S. porn industry?

Aika, the girl i posted in the Hot Asian Girls thread, she has shota niche in porn.

But, in the U.S., it's still only college stepson.


Break Room / When the fun stops
« on: July 05, 2018, 08:12:49 AM »
So I just watched the movie Tag (2015 Japanese horror/mystery).


Basically, I interpreted the movie as a social commentary on how men use women and the almost inescapable “destiny” they are put in, probably more so in Japan.

I even fell for the traps set in the film, I was expecting panty shots and I got them. I was like finally, they do the panty shot. To high school girls no less.

So anyways, I write my stories basically with only women. Why? Because I prefer to draw women. The movie itself is 99% only females cast. And there are a lot of people in this movie. Only at the end do you see males. And it’s not a good thing when they come. I connect that with my probably 90% male audience.

Now I feel like the “architect” from the movie. And that’s bad.

How am I different from the bad guy? I don’t know. But I am reflecting.

Anyways, watch the film. It’s on Netflix.

Any other movies or books that put ecchi or hentai into a negative perspective?

Break Room / When Society Fails Us
« on: February 10, 2018, 05:18:41 PM »
List any news topics you think are interesting when it comes to alternative lifestyles. To Bronies to people who marry body pillows.

Link news article or just summarize it.

Break Room / A hidden problem in the BDSM community?
« on: January 20, 2018, 03:36:50 PM »
I was reading some stuff, like I always do, and found this article.

Basically, straight white males ruin everything. I won’t say I disagree because from what I d seen on YouTube, i see it plain as day that MRA, MGTOwS and others would jump on this opportunity.

But is this all a non factor because this is basically the point?

Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / Candy Witches (WIP)
« on: January 18, 2018, 03:01:46 AM »
I just randomly thought of this story idea while watching this.

Backstory and thought process-
You know that Hansel and Gretel story? Okay, lets imagine the witch had family that wasn't so barbaric. They don't eat children, but they get energy from them so they can live forever.

So here is the synopsis.

Title : Candy Witches

Two sexy witches set up a candy shop to lure children, but face the struggles of the new regulations on candy consumption imposed by the government.

Genre: Slice of Life, comedy, supernatural

How this story works. First you don't even know they are witches. It's revealed later on. They are hundreds of years old. The create candy, they own a factory but the regulations are a b it ch. So shenanigans ensue.

Ecchi Manga Fanfics & Stories / EcchiWorld Improv Story
« on: January 14, 2018, 10:02:51 AM »
The story will have no focus, just the addition of plot made by whoever is writing it at the moment. It must follow the previous text, so by the end it will be a single coherent story.

1. There must always be a MC.
2. Death of any character is permissible, it must make sense.
3. No graphic hentai level content.
4. You cannot switch story tense. It must be Third PErson Limited.
5. Characters have no backstory until it is written within the story.
6. Minimum 500 words a chapter.
7. The genre must fit within ecchi comedy/romance/drama/slice of life.

How to add chapters?
If you decide to participate, post that you will work on the next chapter. Within that same post, modify it and add the text that you have written. DO NOT double post unless it is another chapter.

How to Comment on story?
If you want to comment on the story, you can discuss it in the CHit Chat or we can just make a discussion page for this.

if you feel like you want to test the ability of the writers, go ahead. Just remember, any changes have to make sense within the world.

I will have a Poll to see if the MC will be a Male or Female. I understand there are only like 4 members here, so majority wins by the end of monday.

Ecchi General Discussion / The Best Girl in Ecchi Anime/Manga
« on: January 10, 2018, 10:17:37 PM »
So what is a "Best Girl"?
Urban Dictionary states - A 'best girl' is a female character in an anime or video game series that is subjectively chosen to be the 'best.' The term 'best girl' is used by fans to express their opinion on their favorite character being superior to others based on individual traits they may possess, as well as their abilities.

The definition leads to a very subjective debate which makes the actual selection moot.

What lies underneath however, is that the author will create a diverse selection of women that represent the ideal woman. Each show has one to three. The others will just be fringe selections for the weirdos among the weirdos.

The rule among story telling is that Best Girl (BG) will end up with the protagonist. When this deviates from the norm, you will get crazy fan wars. Justly or just the stubbornity of the fandom.

Since the definition of the BG is so diverse, i will add my subjective criteria.
1. Has to be nice, if only with the MC.
2. Has to be attractive.
3. Most likely than not, is boring compared to other characters.
4. Does not have to be essential to the plot.
5. Repeats MC name often.
6. Is not confused with the cool girl.

Since i believe in psychoanalytic theory within literature, i believe that the best girl represents what the author prefers in a woman. I have not read any detailed analysis within the manga community so eventually, this field will be ripe with valuable consumption among the fandoms. 

Ecchi General Discussion / Why Ecchi hates flat chests
« on: December 23, 2017, 04:45:59 AM »
*this isn't an essay, just a quick rant.
We have all seen the abundance of "plot" in anime and manga.
For example, Lucoa From Kabayashi Dragon Maid.

Meiko Shiraki from Prison School

Tsunade from Naruto

I know what you are thinking, "why show big breasts characters in a flat chest discussion?" Calm your tits fellas. I am making a point.

We see a trend that usually captures the ideal woman figure. Each represented in association with power, beauty, wisdom, autonomy. So my point is big chested (BC) women hold a status in anime.

Duh, mother FFFFFFFER, we already know that!

So let's move on to what flat chested women are not. Lets start off with saying, flat chested (FC) women are not boys! okay, let's move on.

I will make the argument that main character (MC) FC females represent the underdeveloped girl archetype which blossom through relatable dynamic characterizations.

Here are a few examples of flat chested MCs.

Sakura from Naruto

Maka from Soul Eater

Kobayashi From Kobayashi Dragon Maid

You get the point.

By creating FC characters, the author has a blank slab to use to create a new character that is interesting, identifiable, and most importantly, relatable. Not unlike the male hero who is not powerful, intelligent, and/or mature. This in itself also contradicts the default attitude towards BC characters, since the FC will never truly develop into the ideal BC physically, but in every other way, they match them. Which brings the FC and the BC to equal status, disregarding and pointing out the superficiality of physical beauty.

However, this is the ideal interpretation for FCs. Some might even say, childish interpretation.

Here is the social-environmental interpretation.
Why does animosity exist between BC and FC? Well, you can blame women for that. A women has to compete for male attention (girls as well), they have to stand out and match the society's standard for beauty. This reinforces the real hatred these groups have with each other, which will explain the presence in media such as in anime and manga. Darwinism is playing its part and literature is keeping a record of this evolutionary battle.

Now the disdain for the mundane interpretation.
Another aspect is that anime and manga is meant to capture the fantastical. Like hollywood movies of today, males and now even females are depicted at their very best. Almost, impossibly so. That is why we see interesting phenotypes and magical or superhuman abilities. The stereotype is that asian women are flat chested, flat assed, (i'm not hating) compared to other groups. So, they will create another version of themselves that represents something new, something interesting, and something valuable.

You are probably asking yourself, you haven't answered the question within the title. Well, the answer is that ecchi as of right now, is not meant for character growth, unless its in the guys pants!

If you guys have been keeping up with Boruto, you have heard of the sexualization of the female cast. Keep in mind the characters are like 12-13.

The show is for teens, so the author gives the audience some bonus material. Here is the recent cover.

I was thinking of doing this in my Stories, but more like how ODa does it, with a cover story.

Ecchi Drawing Workshops / Original Ecchi Cover Art + Banners
« on: November 03, 2017, 05:37:33 PM »
okay, so this is a workshop where you can put your ecchi story cover page "attempt". I can't do cover pages for sh*t. So let me and other practice by either:
1) giving constructive criticism and advice
2) redoing another member's cover art design
3) show/discuss effective examples to use as reference

Break Room / Stand Up attempts (no hecklers)
« on: July 19, 2017, 04:58:57 PM »
Post your original jokes.

You can be vanilla or blue. Mark on your joke if vanailla, black, or blue to warn people.

If you don't like it, find crickets to paste beneath the joke   8)

Ecchi General Discussion / Is ecchi seinin, or whatever?
« on: June 10, 2017, 10:35:28 PM »
I was reading jagaaaaaaan. I can't spell it right now.  They already established sex scenes. But it wasn't "graphic". It was your typical sex scene, no visual penetration. Later on you see a character jack off. Then in the latest chapter, you see a girl give a blowjob. The penis was censored, white out dick without outlines. You see the girl slurping it up. My question is, is that normal? I don't read Seinen manga so I don't know if that is normal. For me, it took me out of the story. I thought you don't show sex sex or is a blowjob different?

Jagaaaaan is about fractured humans who become monsters. mC is one too but has decided to kill other fractured humans.

Ecchi General Discussion / MGTOW hates Ecchi Manga
« on: May 30, 2017, 08:03:06 AM »
MGTOW (men going their own way) is divided up into extremes, like any ideological group. I'm not in the "kill all women because they are after us" group. I'm in the "don't be retarded with women because it's easy to ruin your life" group. Which can be mirrored to women as well. I'm not gender exclusive.

So why does MGTOW hate ecchi?
-weak male MC (not alpha)
-strong females overpower MC
-MC doesn't fight back against woman
-MC doesn't have sex with all the women
- MC generally hangs around women and not men

MGTOW ruins ecchi manga (how they want it)
- MC should have a harem
- MC needs to be Alpha from the start
- MC can't have flaws or he is a cuck
- MC shouldn't be friends with girls

I brought this up because I was reading some comments on Prison School. They didn't see the comedy part in the beginning. The comedy being males being dramatically beaten by females in an almost absurd way and everyone is basically in on it. Plus, they didn't like males being dominated from the second chapter on. It's freaking funny because the punishment is over the top. But they see it as an attack on men overall. It's only funny because it would never happen. Except MGTOW thinks it's already happening. Prison school is an underdog story (emphasis on dogs). This makes the ending satisfying when they finally are freed, because they beat the girls at their own game.

I think MGTOW will be more comfortable watching rape Hentai then ecchi.

Hentai Discussion / Draw Your Waifu In Bed
« on: May 16, 2017, 01:44:25 AM »
1. Draw how your Waifu will look in your bed.
2. Nudity allowed.
3. Illustrations of props will be a plus to add personality to your Waifu.

If your Waifu is Meiko Shiraki, I will FREAKING KILL YOU.


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