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18+ Homestuck Oneshot: Fantasy
« on: June 18, 2019, 11:32:56 PM »
So I've been trying to get rid of my writer's block by just forcing myself to write any old garbage (like my reviews for this site). Anyway I had an idea this morning, so I decided, hey, it's short, why not write it?

Summary: Porrim is a rather intimidating for Kanaya, even though this is their first introduction. Poor Kanaya has a hard time keeping her composure, and later decides to take care of the pent up tension the meeting left her body with.

CW: quasi-incestuous thoughts, masturbation, troll genitals.

I originally titled this document:
Kanaya Is A Thirsty, Useless Gay.
As amazing as it was to meet Porrim, Kanaya couldn’t help but feel as though the conversation had dragged on long enough. She had managed to get her luminescence under control under her Dancestor’s direction, but now Porrim was going on about how fascinating it was to meet the Alternian trolls and the humans. Without a clear conversational out, Kanaya did her best to listen and be polite, but, as irony would have it, the number one distraction from listening was none other than the woman talking.

What mesmerized Kanaya the most was the curious way Porrim’s lip piercing tugged when she smiled. Kanaya’s eyes could not pry away from the glimmer of gold and how it stood out against Porrim’s black lips. Half-formed ideas passed through Kanaya’s mind. Would Rose look nice with one of those? How do they feel? These thoughts caused blood to creep up her neck, so she forced her ears to focus on Porrim’s words instead.

“Are you all right, dear?” Porrim asked. She stood with her arms crossed, and one eyebrow raised in a typical Maryam fussiness. It was like looking at some twisted mirror that took all of Kanaya’s insecurities and projected them back with all the glamour and beauty she never thought she had. Would she really have looked anything like this in just a couple more sweeps? Before her mind could wander any farther, Kanaya cleared her throat.

“Oh, yes. Perfectly fine. I suppose it’s just, I don’t know, jarring, to see the differences between us. With the others, I can see the relation, but, with you…” Kanaya trailed off. Gog, that probably sounded miserable and pathetic.

Porrim’s eyebrow arched, causing light to reflect off the gold of her piercings there. Since she was dead, her pale eyes gave little indication of her internal thoughts. Kanaya couldn’t tell if that was better or worse than if she could have seen those jade irises. Would they have been just as beautiful as the rest of her? Her ears began to get warm with the blood pumping to them. She rubbed the back of her neck, not sure what else to say.

“I don’t blame you, you know. On the surface, we have quite different takes, but it cannot be said that either one of us lacks fashion sense. Besides, from what little I’ve heard about you, it sounds like you care a lot about your friends.” Kanaya’s eyes snapped back into focus, taking in Porrim’s full face. Suddenly, she seemed so sad. “Before our session started tumbling down, I remember all the times I had to step in and play the ash role. Sound familiar?”

“Quite,” Kanaya muttered. She averted her eyes and bit her lip. The nervous gesture made her question again what it must have felt like to get that lip piercing Porrim sported so well. In her lower abdomen, a faint, warm sensation coiled. She tried to gulp it back down, trying to convince herself that she felt none of it.

Porrim took a step forward and rested an elegant hand on Kanaya’s trembling shoulder. “Are you sure you’re all right, Kanaya? I’m not taking up too much of your time?”

“N-n-no!” Kanaya stammered. The closeness of Porrim’s lips to her ears caused them to burn bright jade, and the words took some of those half-formed ideas from earlier and attempted to develop them further. Kanaya examined Porrim’s confused blinking and realized how she sounded. “I-I mean. You’re not taking up too much of my time. But, maybe I need a moment to process all of this.”

Resting a finger on her chin, Porrim appeared to contemplate this. “That’s fair. This whole set of universes does boggle the think-pan. Well, I’m sure we will encounter each other again. Maybe get to know each other a little better as well. You seem like a sweet girl, Kanaya.”

Words threatened to get caught in Kanaya’s throat again as the coiling feeling in her lower gut returned with a vengeance, but she forced them out. “Thank you. It really was a pleasure to meet you. I’ll be on my way now. Enjoy your afterlife!” She waved a hand and turned to leave.

Porrim’s shoulders relaxed as she let out a light laugh. “The pleasure was all mine. And don’t you worry, I will.” There was a note of something in her voice. Something silky and not quite sinister, but dark enough to send shivers over Kanaya’s skin. In response, she hurried her pace.

The dream bubble began to merge back with her familiar respiteblock in the meteor, but Kanaya still felt tense. She decided then and there that, if she ever ran into Porrim again, she should limit how long she stares at her, and how much she lets herself analyze her body language and her word choice and the way those words wormed their way into her ears and—

Kanaya forced herself to have a seat on one of the chairs that Rose alchemized for her. A comfortable green chair filled with beads that Rose called a beanbag. She scanned the room with frantic eyes, convinced her thoughts were so loud anyone could hear them, even from outside. The more she tried to push the thoughts of Porrim away, the louder her breath sounded to her pounding ears. She furrowed her eyebrows and pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to soothe herself.

She leaned back in the beanbag and let it swallow her form. When her thoughts began to blur into less of a messy race, Kanaya asked herself just what it was that bothered her so much. She was clearly anxious. But why?

The partially formed thoughts from before flooded back to the forefront of her mind. Thoughts of if the gold material of Porrim’s piercings would feel warm or cold, and if her lips would be cold in death. The contrast of gold on black made her wonder what Rose would look like with the same lip ring, she remembered that thought vibrantly. It was probably the idea of kissing Rose that tumbled down this mental landslide. Her mind drifted back to Porrim’s parting words and the way she said them. The tone of voice also reminded her of her matesprit, especially when Rose had a mind for particular flushed activities. But, there was something different, too. Kanaya figured the confusing nature of the whole Dancestor concept had something to do with the difference.

A familiar tug in her lower regions snapped Kanaya’s attention to the present. A thick blush crept into her face from her ears. She turned her head and scrutinized the room for any possible places anyone would come through. Satisfied that she was alone, Kanaya unbuttoned the side of her skirt and slid the fabric down her thighs. Just as she thought. Her unruly bulge poked out a little from its containing membrane. She let out a heavy sigh.

With caution, Kanaya lowered her skirt and underwear out of the way to avoid staining them. Meanwhile, the stimulation of fabric sliding down her thighs coaxed her bulge the rest of the way out of its sheath. Kanaya let her hand trail back up along her thigh and watched the appendage coil around her wrist. In her mind, she saw her wrist belonging to another. She closed her eyes and let her fingers circle around the base of her shaft. She imagined longer, more elegant fingers going slick with the body fluids oozing with abundance from her pores. For a moment, she almost felt guilty for her matesprit, but the feeling faded when she thought back to that curious metal ring, and how it might feel against her lips.

Of course she had heard the rumor that her Dancestor had plenty of flings across the quadrants. What would one more mean to her? And with that experience, maybe Porrim could think of better things to do with Kanaya’s aching nook and bulge. Simultaneously, Kanaya thought of how Rose had taken her with her mouth, and imagined what it would be like with Porrim instead. Would the ring be warm or chilly against sensitive jade flesh? In response, a fresh trickle of juices leaked onto the beanbag under her. Kanaya would have to apologize for that later, she knew, but in the moment, it made the feeling of her bulge writhing that much more intense.

She wondered if Porrim’s bulge was as unruly as hers, which gave way to the thought of what it would feel like choking her nook, or her throat. Kanaya let out a high-pitched groan and gripped her shaft as best as she could to let her other hand stroke the wet nook underneath. Her breathing hitched. It felt so good that she had trouble keeping both appendages busy. But, if Porrim were just ****ing her, it would be so much easier…

…Before she knew it, Kanaya felt her bulge swell under her hand with a rush of juices. She whimpered, forcing herself to pump from tip to base and back up. She pulled her other hand aside to brace. Each shallow breath punctuated with a small squeak of pleasure. Then, finally the dam broke. It happened mid-inhale, and the sound that left her mouth crossed a gag, a cough, and a short scream. Reproductive juices drenched the seat under her and flowed down in little trails.

Still gasping for breath, Kanaya pushed herself up, afraid that she might slide and get some of her mess on her shirt. Her knees wobbled as she stood. She shook her hands off to fling drops of jade away enough to hook into the waist of the skirt pooled around her ankles. She felt dizzy.

Curiosity got the better of her, and she turned to examine the damage done to the beanbag. Thanks to Rose’s unintended ingenuity, the green of the chair was close to the color of Kanaya’s fluids, although they would probably stain darker later and betray her. A half smile tugged at her lips. Of all the shenanigans that happened aboard this meteor, a little self indulgence could hardly come under fire for taboo. Nobody had to know just what brought her to that point.

Now that her breathing had returned to a much more stable state, Kanaya hoped that such intrusive thoughts of her Dancestor would leave her alone.
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Re: 18+ Homestuck Oneshot: Fantasy
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2019, 11:51:24 PM »
She is after act 5 and you shouldn't be ashamed to admit it.

I suppose I'll have to read this when I get a moment. Just playing the odds, I'm probably the only other person here who would actually understand what's happening