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Prison School
« on: July 13, 2018, 05:16:03 AM »
Yahoo, another Mahlua reviews session, freshly copied and pasted from MR. This time, it’s an anime that seems to have been personally tailored to me despite my strict personal ethics regarding consent.

I know there's already a Prison School thread here, but this is the review thread.

Prison School (Kangoku Gakuen)

Year: 2015
Studio: J.C. Staff
Why did I watch this?: Have you met me?
Dub or Sub: Dub. It was only a little awkward in some places, but overall the work was fun. Despite…y’know, the content.
OP: I liked the instrumental, but the lyrics are kinda dumb. I know they got the seiyuu to perform it, but I was disappointed with the lyric arrangement in particular. It was just so repetitive and didn’t really suit the metal style they seemed to be trying to go for. Come on, y’all aren’t BABYMETAL. Chill.
ED: Much better. 10/10 would drunkenly sing along to with a group of drunk friends.

Concept: An all-girls school with unbelievable discipline standards goes co-ed for the first time, and unfortunately some traditionalists make use of the discipline standards to make life a literal prison for the poor five new blokes on the block.
Execution: Takes the over-the-top violence approach, which concerns me given the underlying statements I see being made. At times it’s uncomfortable, not because it’s straightforward, but because it’s so exaggerated. Those were some major human rights violations, man…

Main Characters: Rather than discuss each one individually, as that tends to get lengthy, I’ll discuss them in groups.
The five guys: They just came here to have a good time and honestly they’re getting physically attacked right now. They’re all weird and quirky and I kinda love it? They seemed really trope-y, but they still of breathed well enough despite the lack of development (which is a common complaint of mine in the age of 12 episode anime). The only thing that bugs me is like, they took a lot, like, more than should really be possible, and for the sake of plot, they just…yeah they fight, but for the most part the final outcome of the series doesn’t quite do what happens to them justice, I feel.
The Underground Student Council: Uhhhh wow there is a lot to unpack with this pack of wild dogs. First there’s Mari who seems to be your typical aloof, has ridiculous power, crow wielding HBIC who reminds me of me in freshman year of high school for all the wrong misandrist reasons. I can’t say that I blame her considering her circumstances, but…seriously, chill. People are allowed to be attracted to things. It’s not a crime if a guy is into things, so long as he’s not hurting anyone. Then there’s the VP, Meiko, also known as sweaty sadistic tits with legs. And THEN there’s Hana. All three of ‘em need psych evaluations for different reasons but I would be fine if Hana were kept in the ward during the duration of observations, and not on the street…preferably.

Plot: So the guys get into this elite academy and “do what boys do” and try to take a peep, which they are of course caught in the act of and sentenced to school prison for. Literally. The story follows them pitting against the USC to try to break or earn their way out, but USC doesn’t make it easy.

Animation: I saw no problems, but I didn’t really see anything that sticks out as super spectacular either. The way Meiko’s sweat was handled was odd.
Art: YES. Interesting choice with the way that girls’ lips were colored. I feel like I’ve seen that technique before, but I can’t recall.

Final Thoughts:
There is a lot going on outside of the main plot. Like, societal and political statements and observations. I personally hate the idea of violence being turned on its head with the tired and stupid “equality” excuse. That doesn’t make anything fair. Like don’t get me wrong, I get that it’s over-the-top as part of the joke. I’m in on it, and I laughed too. Something under the surface about it is just unsettling to me is all. I’ll still definitely be collecting the manga when my wallet can handle doing so, and if they make a season two, I’d be here for it.
That said, just as an observation, dear gods why is “the unholy lovechild of Hana and Meiko” actually applicable to me?
Hot take: this anime is also some gay ass sh*t.

Overall Rating: 9.3/10
Because I’m weak.
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