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When the fun stops
« on: July 05, 2018, 08:12:49 AM »
So I just watched the movie Tag (2015 Japanese horror/mystery).


Basically, I interpreted the movie as a social commentary on how men use women and the almost inescapable “destiny” they are put in, probably more so in Japan.

I even fell for the traps set in the film, I was expecting panty shots and I got them. I was like finally, they do the panty shot. To high school girls no less.

So anyways, I write my stories basically with only women. Why? Because I prefer to draw women. The movie itself is 99% only females cast. And there are a lot of people in this movie. Only at the end do you see males. And it’s not a good thing when they come. I connect that with my probably 90% male audience.

Now I feel like the “architect” from the movie. And that’s bad.

How am I different from the bad guy? I don’t know. But I am reflecting.

Anyways, watch the film. It’s on Netflix.

Any other movies or books that put ecchi or hentai into a negative perspective?