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Souper's "other" drawings

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well I had a trawl through my organised art folders to find stuff that I didnt post in MR. maybe a little overlap but I think this is it.

I can't use/view spoiler tags? thats a bit of a pain for sketch dumping but oh well (this'll be a loooong post)

In order of chronology, but separated by copied/gesture, original sketch and original finished/mostly finished.

Some copies from life, but often copies from manga because its more simple
Either seconds or minutes are often written above the drawings for how long it took.
Sorry for the compression on the images :/



Original Sketches


Finished/Good Original Drawings
Some are mixed in with my normal Sketch pages

SpoilerProbably the only time I have ever drawn a pose sheet (and consequently never actually used for putting clothes on):

Loved drawing this one

Well, thats all for now but I will invariably post again :P

Looks like you've started up that fashion division that Lego was alluding to, lmao.

Yeah spoiler tags here appear to have some restriction and we (read: Kakashi) can't figure out where it is to fix it. I don't think it's a huge deal for the time being, though.

As for as the darker skin tone you were going for on the belly dancer, I think it might be too...green, maybe? It could definitely benefit from being warmer. Depending on your program, you can play around with the color balancer and see if you can add a little orange over it.

I should have known there was a fashion division :P
colourwise ahhhh I will have a see. I think the main colour I used was a dark orange, so brown, but I might have slipped towards green at some point without realizing it.

Zaxx Cev:
I'll probably be doing a critique tomorrow or the next day but for now I'll leave you with a youtube video about drawing darker skin (i haven't drawn dark skin too much either).


thanks a bunch. Most of the drawings are old(er), but feel free to critique away, since they are still what I consider my "best".


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