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Possible Topic/Board Merger?

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So, yeah, I've been sitting on my butt doing a whole lot of nothing lately on here, but I noticed something while staring at the diddly-darn main forum page for a few hours:

Aren't the two underlined sections basically the same premise? I mean, on MR we have things separated by artists vs writers and I suppose the child board would be the artist version and the bigger main board would be for writers, but at this point in time we're so embarrassingly small that we could probably be fine with merging the two. For that matter, though, it's funny how there's a yaoi gallery and not a yuri one. I grant that when BobbyJoe and Bookwatcher were still around there was more demand for yaoi segments to the forum, so it makes sense for the expansion to have happened.

I don't know how doable it is to merge entire boards together or to move topics around and sort of "overhaul" the site organization a little bit, but it could be worth looking into. If I knew how any of that coding hoopla worked, I'd help you out, Mr. Main Admin.

I also know we all discussed a rearrangement of the site back in 2016. I probably could have posted this there, but...well, I started typing as a new topic and I'm lazy what I'm thinking at the moment is a little bit smaller scale.

Do we want to condense boards or make multiple parent boards with specific child boards is what it comes down to. Which would be easiest on the whole, Kakashi?

I also think a re-order might be a good idea, but to what I don't know.
I think members stuff should be separate from any real manga anime discussion stuff, so maybe

So ALL creation stuff is in its own separate section.

Definitely works for me, although I wonder if we should continue to separate yuri/yaoi/hentai works into child boards of their main domain. Like, we have the parent boards for yuri/yaoi/hentai discussion, but should there be separate creation works for those segments, or should those also all fall under the main galleries in the creations section with proper spoiler tags and maybe changing the subject lines to denote that kind of specificity.

I dunno maybe I'm thinking way too hard about this.

I like my organization to be organized.

I know what you mean about having neat organization.

Probably if you were seriously going to generate a large amount of content under a specific tag such as yuri, then a separate yuri thread would be the way to go, but probably still under the members manga art board.

maybe a "members themed content" child board under members manga art would work for those that wanted to separate their work, or put both the yuri and yaoi as child boards of members manga art as well. although if you take MR as a guide, we just post everything in the same thread.

if you just randomly posted stuff and some was yuri or yaoi then one thread for everything and just put spoiler warnings on them.

although I won't be going that route, a hentai board with individual member threads for manga creations would also be appropriate, rather than just one thread with everyone posting.

again, its down to how many threads you want to manage, and how specific you want each one to be. it would be great if the picture posting was more like deviantart and we could tag individual images, make galleries etc, but that's a serious thing to add, and it already exists in deviantart and other places.

Well MR is definitely the general template, but this place has sorta been babbled and bobbed together over the years. I wouldn't hurt to put things in a better order.

Unfortunately board movements and changes are beyond my power. I can do topics all day, but board stuff is on the admin's watch. So you might call him out if you want his attention on this. He's usually pretty good if the idea makes sense to him organizationally.


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