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Ecchiverse: Reset
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:56:22 PM »
Yeah remember that thing I only posted about literally a few hours ago? I have something resembling a first chapter and an idea on where to go from here. We may have ourselves another story enough to start building up our own universe here. Or expand on MRverse. However you wanna look at it.

Without further ado or explanation:

Chapter 1
Sometimes, MR City was just too busy of a place. Between Coryn and Lego duking it out on the reg, an old legend returning, and the array of usual shenanigans, a raider would do well to practice some mindfulness meditation and chill.

Or general Pagan-y magic whatnot level meditation. One can, if trained, commune with the gods in prayer or worship, even join them on their plane. With the bridge to EcchiWorld destroyed after the Twins’ stint genderbending the city, such meditation was the most accessible way to visit the pearly sister city. The technical term may or may not be “astral projection”, and raider MahluaandMilk may or may not be keen on abusing it.

Technicalities aside, Mahlua drew her hood over her face and continued along the cobblestone street of the majestic acropolis. Such streets never knew the destruction and havoc like MR. Occasionally, at worst, a stray spam ninja would squirm its way in, but they could be easily dispatched. In fact, that was part of the reason Mahlua enjoyed visiting the place.

As if on cue, a shadow scurried down the alley to the raider’s left. Her attention snapped to it. A smile curled on her lips as she followed the sound of its padded footsteps. Now, the city liked to change on her with the way it slowly stretched its corridors from the temple. She knew that. Anything could change over the course of a few weeks’ absence. What might have been a dead end one week could easily lead to an amalgamation of streets and more winding alleys the next.

This week, the raider met with the backside of a curious new motel blocking her way. Surrounded by more brick walls, some dumpsters and recycling bins, and rusty fire escape ladders, Mahlua crossed her arms and pursed her lips. Her eyes didn’t deceive her, did they?

From behind, a thick Russian accent coaxed, “Hey kid, want some Viagra?”

“Jeez, the spam ninjas are so weird here,” Mahlua sighed, turning to face the menace, fists raised.

The dumpster beside her rattled, and out from its questionably sticky depths, another ninja launched itself. Mahlua deftly stepped aside and grappled the beast by an arm. It turned to face her, rank breath grazing her face. “Cheap pharmacy stimulants for free, yes?” It said. Mahlua rolled her eyes and thrust her knee into its ribs.

The other ninja sprung for the attack as if to assist its buddy, only to be knocked down by the one he charged in to help. Mahlua dusted off her hands and took two fingers to draw a simple sigil—an upright triangle—in the direction of the inept enemies. A furious green flame erupted from the triangle’s center and burst against the dunce duo and caught instantly.

Screaming, the ninjas appeared to dance in a circle, patting themselves in a pathetic attempt to out the fire. One even managed to drop to the ground and start rolling.

“Idiots…that’s not just any fire,” the witch chuckled, resting her fingers to her temples. “Seriously, show a little bit of sideboob and even spam ninjas drop in IQ by at least forty points. You two probably hit the negatives coming in here. I’m almost sorry for you.”

“Dropping by forty puts you at the lower end of average, doesn’t it?” a familiar voice echoed.

“Psh, if I’m being modest, probably,” Mahlua turned to face the Tan on the roof nearby. “What brings you outside the temple, Ecchi-tan?”

“You, actually,” the pink haired girl said, gracefully hoping from the slanted shingles to solid ground.

“Me? I may be one of the few women around here, but I’m not that special,” Mahlua shrugged.

Ecchi-tan stepped forward, invading the witch’s space. “Don’t sell yourself short. You’re still able to come to and from here as you please, which is a bit of a task for some of our other residents. The collapse of the bridge has actually been a little, ah, troubling to our traffic flow.”

“And you believe that I can help with that?” Mahlua raised an eyebrow.

“To an extent. What we need is a new bridge, that way we can start making room for more guests than your little friends there.” Ecchi gestured to the crispy remains of the spam ninjas with an approving nod.

Mahlua leaned against the wall behind her and crossed her legs. “Forlorn and Dev seem to be able to get back here from time to time just fine on their own, but I assume you’re talking about something a little bigger than that.”

“Well, first thing’s first, we need EcchiWorld to be more stable. You’ve noticed that it continues to grow, right? The city has an ambition, but it needs to be controlled. It’s gotten a little too big for its population. So really what I’m asking from you is two little adventures,” Ecchi-tan explained. “First, you’ll need to find the heart of the city and reboot it, so to speak. Not like, factory reset, but like, turn it off and back on again.”

“Uh…huh.” Mahlua’s voice went flat.

“Then, we construct a new way for raiders to more easily access EcchiWorld from MR City directly. That’ll be the easy part.”

“And what about all that ‘heart of the city’ stuff?”

Ecchi-tan laughed. “Well, you know that labyrinth from the great raid last year?”

Silence hung in the air.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.”
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2018, 12:55:07 PM »
The adventure continues. Good gods, what have I gotten myself into?

Chapter 2:
When a Tan asks something of someone, usually it’s not a request at all. Even so.

“The labyrinth. The sprawling maze full of dragons and booby traps? You want me to go back there to reset the city?” Mahlua asked, desperation creeping into her voice.

“It won’t be quite so bad as it was during the raid,” Ecchi-tan said, swinging her weight from toe to heel and back. “The city had all its defenses on then. You’ll be going in with those turned off this time.”

“And why exactly would I want to do this?” Mahlua pressed.

“I can come up with three reasons of the top of my head. First, it’ll be a big help in stabilizing and building up EcchiWorld as a whole. Secondly, I know you raiders are chomping at the bit for any and all information that could ever help you in those annual raids. How’re those scars healing up, by the way?”

Mahlua flinched.

“And, thirdly, Lewd and I have decided that this is the perfect way to test you,” Ecchi said, ceasing her swinging.

The raider pressed her lips together into a fine line for a few moments. “What is this test testing? And what’s the benefit of passing?”

“Only something you’ve been pining after for a good two years now: security clearance for the second level of the administration temple.”

“I’m in,” Mahlua said without a shred of hesitation.

Ecchi-tan clapped her hands together and smiled a smile that would melt hearts. “Great! I knew we could count on you. Slip on back to your body in MR to prepare. When you’re ready, I’ll phase on over there and bring you back physically so you can be in peak condition.”


Ecchi Pub throbbed with the swelling baseline of a gyrating electronic dance song. Three patrons sat at the bar, sharing drinks. The one in the middle bore a heavy mace on one hip, a khopesh at the other, and a whole bag of goodies on her back.

“Looks like you’re ready for a fight,” Lewd-tan said, swirling her glass with a greasy smile.

“Good thing, too. Just because everything is in sleep mode for now doesn’t mean that some of the defenses won’t trip and get in your way,” Ecchi-tan added.

Mahlua nodded. “I take it finding the heart of the city won’t be easy,” she said, “Let alone figuring out how to reset it?”

“Actually, finding it isn’t the hard part. It’s located in the big tower at the center of the maze. It’s mostly just getting to it,” Ecchi-tan said.

“It will look like a circle of pillars surrounding a pool of water. You’ll know it’s the right one when you step into the water. It will heal any and all wounds you have. From there, you can sync with the city’s essence, and you’ll have to reset it manually from there,” Lewd-tan explained.

“I’m starting to understand why you couldn’t just send Rubix or someone else for this mission. It always comes back down to magic with me,” Mahlua sighed.

The twins shared a look and nodded.

“Guess there’s no time to waste, then.” Mahlua rose from her seat and finished her drink. “Take me to the entrance.”


Ecchiworld’s bright sun hung at its zenith, blue skies fading slowly to white as the expansive city reached its limits. Three familiar entrances cut through the high walls that separated the labyrinth from the rest of the city.

“Good luck,” Ecchi-tan smiled, giving Mahlua a sturdy pat on the back. With that, the twins disappeared.

The raider stood ready and took a deep breath. Upon its release, she strode through the middle path. Darkness enveloped her for a few moments as she passed under the tunnel, but the light on the other side drew her to it. Once on the other side, the labyrinth snaked out before her. It looked much smaller than it did during the raid, no doubt because it wasn’t out for giblets at the moment. On the horizon, the tower rose sharply from the maze walls.

Mahlua halted at the labyrinth’s mouth and slung down her bag. She groped through it and drew out her old friend the pendulum. She cracked a smile and muttered a spell to link the pendulum’s energy to the tower’s, causing it to emit a faint purple light. With the tool in hand, she hoisted her bag back over her shoulders and started on her way.

At every intersection, Mahlua held the pendulum by the chain and let it dangle, circling clockwise until the weighted end tugged on the chain and pointed her the fastest way to her destination. She tried to remember every turn required to get to the center, but before long, all the walls melded together in her memory. Rather than test if it was a defense mechanism, she gave up memorization and focused on the pendulum. Eventually she reached a clearing with a fountain at center. The base of the tower gave way to a magnificent stained glass doorway at the other end.

Mahlua scanned the area and sat by the fountain for a short rest, unbuckling her weapons and going through her bag again. She tucked the pendulum safely away and pulled out a water bottle. After downing half its contents, she wiped her mouth and looked to the sky again.

So far, things had been too easy. Without the twins or the dragons or golems or illusions, the place felt eerily quiet. Something wasn’t right. The twins were going to give her access to the second level of the temple for this, and they even let her preview the very place where the raid continued. They wouldn’t hand all that out for something they could easily do themselves. Mahlua sighed and planted both feet flat and firmly to the ground and closed her eyes. She activated her extra senses and energetically perceived the tower.

At first, the tower felt normal, like the stones around it and nothing more. The witch’s eye twitched. She pushed in closer, tried to feel the walls. When she touched it, something seemed to ripple. She drew her energy away and came back to herself. A shield. A reality-bending shield.

“Now things are starting to get interesting,” she muttered to herself, packing up her water and buckling her weapon belt back around her hips. Mahlua faced the building, jaw set in determination. Its heights seemed more lofty than before. With a shield like that, no doubt walking in will trip the alarms. Regardless, the witch placed a hand on the beautifully decorated double doors. As she did so, the hieroglyphs under her skin illuminated purple. A smile cracked her face.

“Let the games begin, then.”
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2018, 04:58:12 PM »
Now you're going to start to see why this is going in Ecchiworld. It's only going to go downhill from here, folks. Bear with me.

Chapter 3
Reality-bending didn’t even begin to cover the madness that awaited for Mahlua inside the tower. Dimensional shifting seemed far more accurate.

The huge stained glass doors gave. Mahlua stepped inside the pitch black space, only to find herself in the middle of a long hallway, with Japanese styled sliding doors and windows pouring crisp morning sunlight around her. Her hand itched to the khopesh at her side, but it had vanished. In fact, her entire attire had shifted to reflect her new reality.

“Well, don’t this have Ecchi’s pretty pink bubblegum name all over it,” Mahlua huffed, examining her new school uniform. It was a simple design: a white sailor top with pastel green accents and a purple pleated skirt to match. “Man, I already graduated high school. What kind of sick prank is this?”

A footstep behind her caught her attention. She turned around, only to find the door she came through gone and a group of students rounding towards her from the stairwell, all with unnatural anime hair colors. A small girl with long pink hair and swoopy bangs smiled and waved. “Hey, Protagonist!”

Mahlua took a step back. “Protagonist?”

A taller girl with short blue hair adjusted her glasses and shook her head. “C’mon, Protagonist, don’t tell me you’re still so close to dreamland that you can’t even remember your name this morning.”

Nervous laughter bubbled from Mahlua’s chest. “Right, right,” she said, “And those were some pretty weird dreams I was having, to be sure.”

More students began filling the halls. “Well,” the blue haired girl said, “Looks like it’s about time to hop on to homeroom.”

Mahlua nodded and let the two strange girls pass and followed in kind.


As if being in class 2A wasn’t stereotypical enough, it turns out her assigned seat was, in fact, the corner seat by the window. Mahlua rested her chin in her hand and glared out that main character window, contemplating the bizarre oddity that the tower had bestowed to her.

So her name was now Protagonist, and her childhood friend was the pink haired girl named Hana, and her smart friend (trademark) was the blue haired one. Yuki was her name. She’d have to watch out for the student council president called Tachi and had kendo practice this afternoon with captain Yumi.

This had to be some kind of challenge somehow. Did she have to survive a week as a generic self-insert high school harem anime protagonist? Did she have to successfully woo one of the girls? Or all of them? There were a whole lot of options, and not a whole lot of clues to figure it out. A better question was how she was going to manage being on the kendo team without knowing the first thing about the sport.

A wad of paper hit Mahlua in the head, drawing her out of her thoughts. Diagonal from her, Hana smiled and waved, sticking her tongue out playfully. Mahlua took the paper under her desk and unraveled it.

“Lunch on the roof again?” it said in pretty, curly, clearly feminine handwriting.

Mahlua looked to Hana and nodded, and then turned to face forward, examining the teacher and the blackboard.

Suddenly, time skipped. It looked like the world had glitched. Everyone sat at a different angle, and the teacher, originally in the center of the chalkboard, had moved behind the desk at a snap. A bell rang in the hallway, so the students responded in kind by packing up. Hana stood up for a stretch and turned back to Mahlua, smiling broadly.

“You ready to go, Protagonist?” Hana asked.

“Yeah,” Mahlua said, grabbing the schoolbag that mysteriously replaced her magic bag of goodies.

Hana led the way to the door and took a turn. As the two made their way out of the classroom, the doorframe caught Mahlua’s shoe, tripping her. She landed facefirst on the hardwood. A few chuckles sounded around her. Her eyebrow twitched. She lifted her head and started to get up. Instead of just seeing the hallway or some stray students pointing and laughing, her eyes landed on a pair of white panties, between the thighs of someone she didn’t know.

Oh, great, she thought to herself. She had seen enough anime to see where this was going.

“PERVERT!” a scratchy voice screeched from above. A sharp kick caught Mahlua in the cheek, the force of which sent her skidding down the hall.

“I just tripped,” Mahlua groaned, putting a hand to her smarting face as she rose. “You ain’t that special, hun,” she added without thinking.

That was a terrible idea.

A girl with a firetruck red high ponytail stormed up to Mahlua, fist raised. On her arm hung a red and white band with the school’s insignia. She had to be the student council president.

“Oh, I’m not special enough? Then how about those allegations of misconduct I came down here to talk to you about?” the fiery girl shouted. People stopped and stared, some in fear, some in pity.

“I’m pretty sure most of those allegations are from you stalking me like a fly on the wall and looking for an excuse to talk to me,” Mahlua bluffed.

Tachi went wide-eyed and blushed pink at the ears and nose. Bingo. Student council president out to get the main character for no reason, check. Another stereotype crossed off the list.

“RIDICULOUS,” she spat. “As if I’d be interested in a delinquent like you.” Tachi’s nose twitched in rage and a visible aura of fire engulfed her. Fist still raised, she grabbed Mahlua by the collar and drew her in nose to nose. “Dare suggest such a thing again, and I will personally report you for sexual harassment, which would be an even worse achievement than the stupid mess you’ve already made for yourself!”

Mahlua calmly took Tachi by both wrists and disengaged the grip on her collar. “Now, now. There’s no need to get physical. Wouldn’t that make you the assailant, dear President?”

Tachi’s face contorted as if someone had stuck a pile of raw cow dung under her nose. She jerked out of the grip and turned away. “ARGH. What is WITH you today, Protagonist?” she huffed, “Just meet me in the office after classes. I don’t have time to deal with your attitude right now.”

With that, the student council president stormed down the hall. She aggressively shouldered into Hana along the way.

Hana approached, wide-eyed in awe from the situation. “I can’t believe you just stood up to her like that! Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Mahlua smiled. Meta knowledge was a fantastic skill. “C’mon. Let’s get lunch. I’ll worry about her later.”
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2018, 10:49:23 PM »
Hmm... I sense where this could end up.

It's interesting so far though! Those twins are definitely up to something sending you in such as they did (as per use).

I kept imagining the first two chapters with this like, deep South guitar strumming going on in the background. Very cinematic and quiet like. But I'm guessing iay need a new head-soundtrack now?

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2018, 08:03:21 AM »
Dun dun duuun. The plot thickens.

It'd be an ambitious thing, to bind the two worlds.

Also there's some weird headcannon I had in my head that one of the pools at the ecchi temple is made of milk?

Also gawd thank you for reminding me of my side-boob fetish. Long time no indulge *Further ruins internet search history*

Good Stuff Mahlua

real life has sexy graphics

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #5 on: May 18, 2018, 09:34:00 AM »
Warm milk baths are probably a thing

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #6 on: May 18, 2018, 10:06:39 AM »
Warm milk baths are absolutely a thing. I think I find weirder places on the internet than you guys...you wanna talk about interesting search history...

Anyway, I don't know much for soundtrack for the third chapter, but I definitely know a song that shows what our poor raider friend feels during all this mess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSBsqx0iuPg

Lol, expect another chapter out today.
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #7 on: May 18, 2018, 01:21:42 PM »
I'm on the ball now. Chapters are getting longer. This was a little uncomfortable to write, but if all goes my way, there may be another chapter out tonight.

Chapter 4
Warm afternoon sun filtered through the gates that surrounded the school roof. Yuki sat waiting for the two to arrive with one hand on her hip.

“What took you?” Yuki asked.

“We had a little run-in with the student council president. Or rather, she had a run-in with me,” Mahlua said, plopping down on a bench.

Yuki’s disapproving stance dropped and her face went pale. “What? Again? She’s really trying to get you kicked out, isn’t she?”

“And Protagonist’s stupid self started to fight her on it and accused her of stalking us!” Hana added, crinkling the space between her eyebrows.

Mahlua unzipped her schoolbag and found a neat black box wrapped in a cloth, which she assumed to be her lunch. “I totally bluffed on that, but did you see her face? That’s an admission of guilt if I ever seen one.” She untied the cloth and placed the box in her lap, happy to find steamed rice and three nice little strips of chicken inside. Another bluff formed itself in her mind to explain the change of behavior per universe rules. She had to make herself look good in front of her friends, after all.

“It came to me in those weird dreams I mentioned last night. She was chasing me, trying to get me for something, but when I hid in the janitor’s closet, she came in, closed the door behind her, and kissed me,” she glanced between her two friends, gauging their reactions. “It was kinda gross, but I mean, it might’ve been a prophecy. Guess we’ll find out when she meets me in the office this afternoon.”

“Man,” Hana drawled, “If only you could have prophetic dreams about exam answers or something. What about kendo practice, though? Those start after classes too.”

“If one of you would tell the captain what’s been going on, I’d greatly appreciate it. She might be a good person to have on our side if the president wants to make things messier for us. Besides, meeting with her should only take a few minutes. Fifteen, maybe?” Mahlua said, taking a piece of chicken between wooden chopsticks. She ate it gratefully, although a doubt in the back of her mind worried it might be another trick of the tower. She couldn’t let herself get too lost in this reality, or she might get stuck in it.

“You were really out of it this morning, but it looks like you’re more on the ball now than you are usually. It’s like you’ve matured,” Yuki observed. Mahlua couldn’t help but notice a faint blush creeping into Yuki’s cheeks as she spoke.

“I, ah, started reading a self-help book for taking charge of your life. ‘You must be firm in what you want, but considerate to others and their roles in helping you attain it,’ it says. Or something like that,” Mahlua said. It seemed far more reasonable than admitting that she was actually almost half a decade older than everyone else.

Beside her, Hana giggled. Yuki even gave a lopsided smile. It was strange to see her almost approve of something.

But then, time shifted again, and this time the setting did with it. The world rippled and swirled around Mahlua, and when colors took form again, she found herself in class, at her seat, by the window. The sun had sunk, dying the sky with more saturated colors.

“That will be all for today,” the teacher said as he put the chalk down in a little cup by the board. Students began to prepare their things and the bell in the hallway let out its harsh ring again. Mahlua grabbed her bag and stood up, fighting vertigo and lingering confusion. She turned to Hana.

“Don’t forget to tell the Captain I’ll be late, and let her know that it’s the student council president that’s keeping me,” Mahlua said, putting a hand on her friend’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Hana nodded, smiling. Her smile dropped. “But, you’re sure you’ll be all right? What if she sends you to the disciplinary committee for examination?”

“I’ll be fine,” Malhlua assured, giving Hana’s shoulder a little squeeze. “Have fun this afternoon. I’ll join you when I can.”

“All right,” Hana said, sounding just a little unsure.

Hana packed her things and headed down the hall to wherever the kendo club met. Mahlua kicked herself in the rear for not asking where that was, but she had other things to worry about. She cracked her neck and headed to the first floor. That was usually where administrative offices were. Sure enough, down the hall on the far side, a little tag stuck out from the wall that read “OFFICE”. The door was slightly ajar, so she invited herself in.

Teacher workdesks filled the place, and only one of them sat occupied. At the head of the room, the student council president stood, arms crossed and angry eyed. “Miss President?” Mahlua called. Tachi’s eyes snapped to her, then to the teacher at her desk. With a frustrated huff, she pushed past Mahlua and stood in the hallway, watching the students filter out of the building.

“Y’know, being this angry all the time isn’t good for your blood pressure,” Mahlua said, leaning against the wall.

“You’re not good for my blood pressure,” the president corrected, glaring fresh daggers at her target.

“Look,” Mahlua shrugged, “We can’t really control others. We can only control ourselves, and clearly something I’ve been doing isn’t up to specs with you. Tell me about these infractions of mine you keep alluding to, and I’ll see what can be done on my end. All I ask for in return is to stop being a victim of your temper. You can control that, by the way. Don’t act like I’m making you do anything.”

Tachi flinched. “Unbelievable,” she sighed. “Just this afternoon you ‘tripped’ to get a look up my skirt and you still have the nerve to sound like a self-help book to me?”

“And what had I done before then? Explain it to me,” Mahlua said, opening her arms in an expansive gesture.

“Those kind of ‘tripping’ incidents happen around you all the time. Too often to be just a coincidence. We all know you joined kendo club just to have an excuse to fight people.”

“I do enjoy a good fight,” Mahlua interrupted, earning another harsh gaze from the president.

“That’s part of the problem. We want to rehabilitate you,” Tachi explained.

“Who is ‘we’, and what am I being put in rehab for?” Mahlua retorted as she crossed her ankles.

“The school. We want to help you find better outlets for your anger. Of course, we’re happy that kendo has been such a release for you, especially with your parents…” Tachi bit her lips and hesitated. She quickly changed the subject. “But now we’ve heard strange things. Leery eyes into the girls’ locker room. More physical contact observed between you and your little friends. Then there was this morning. What even was that? To say that someone isn’t ‘that special’ in regards to looking up their skirt is just flat out weird. And then you turned around and accused me of stalking—I’m just doing my job!”

Mahlua nodded and pondered this for a moment. “I see. So you want all the students in the school to feel safe and happy here. You want to help me through my issues because you think it will make a better atmosphere at the school for me and others. That’s very admirable of you.”

The president’s shoulders relaxed and her face started to soften.

“There’s just one little hole in your plan, though. Teenagers get angry. They get upset. They even—drumroll please—get horny. Part of growing up is learning how to manage all that. Looks to me like you need some help there, too. C’mon.” Mahlua opened her arms for a hug.

“I don’t remember making this conversation about me,” Tachi said, hardening up again.

“A good conversationalist works to serve as the host in all situations,” Mahlua smiled. “Now c’mon. Ease up on yourself a little and let go. Most everyone’s gone now. I won’t try anything. You’re too young for me anyways.”

A mix of shock and horror crossed Tachi’s face. “But, I’m a third year, and you’re a second year. What do you—?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just get over here and let yourself be held,” Mahlua said. She flicked her fingers towards herself for emphasis.

“Idiot,” Tachi mumbled. There wasn’t much force behind her voice anymore. She looked around suspiciously and tensed. She looked to Mahlua, then to the ground, back down the hallway, and then she let out another long sigh. “You’re not going to move until you hug me, are you?”


“Fine,” she growled, stepping forward. “But you’d better not go around bragging about this.”

“I won’t,” Mahlua promised.

Finally, Tachi closed the gap between them and let her head rest on Mahlua’s shoulderblade. Mahlua, in return, rested one hand on the girl’s back and another in her hair, petting softly.

“There, see? You don’t have to fight anymore, at least, not right now. Just breathe and relax,” Mahlua whispered gently.

“Idiot,” Tachi mumbled, muffled by the fabric of the school uniform in her face. Her shoulders began to tremble. Mahlua pulled her in a little tighter.

“It’s been stressful lately, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for the part I played in making that worse. But you’re strong. You’ll get through this crazy year, graduate, and move on with your life, so long as you never lose that heart of yours. Let yourself care, even when it hurts,” Mahlua continued, trying her best to maintain a soothing voice that wasn’t her bedroom voice.

Tachi looked up, eyes bleary and a little red. “When did you get so grown up, anyway?”

“It happens sometimes,” Mahlua said.


Tachi pulled away slightly, put both hands on Mahlua’s shoulders, and looked away. She bit her lip then looked back, but Mahlua could tell it wasn’t her eyes she was locked on. Her gaze was a little lower.

Oh gods no.

This was the exact opposite of what she was trying to have happen.

The space between them grew smaller as Tachi stood on her toes to have her face level with Mahlua’s. “Are you sure about what you said? Am I really not that special to you, even though you’re doing all this?”

F8ck, high schoolers are so stupid sometimes. Mahlua faltered. “Uh, I’m not exactly all that I appear to be,” she said. She tried to take a step back, but having been leaning against a wall, there was no room to do so.

Tachi’s eyes glanced back down the hall. Satisfied, she looked back. “Show me.”

A bead of sweat dropped from Mahlua’s temple. “Oh, honey, I could show you a lot of things, but, ah, that’s really not appropriate considering—”

Tachi moved in a little closer. They were almost nose to nose now. “I get it, I really do, but can you just…humor me? Just this once, and then it’ll all go back to normal.”

“I think it’s more likely that you’ll kiss me and that it’ll get stuck in your head and there will be no way for you to go back to normal.”

A small giggle shook Tachi’s chest. “That good, huh? Then maybe…”

Mahlua pulled her head back as far as she could and gulped. “N-no. That’s not what I meant. I meant that, I mean, sometimes adding a physical layer to things really stirs up feelings, and makes them stronger, y’know? So, it won’t help your crush on me go away. That’s what I’m trying to say.”

No sooner than the words left her mouth did a soft pair of lips brush against hers. Nausea swirled in her stomach. This kid was in high school, for crying out loud. And it really showed. Tachi clumsily tried to morph the little kiss into something open-mouthed, but hit one of her front teeth on Mahlua’s. Mahlua rolled her eyes. If the damage was already done, she might as well save the next lover some trouble.

Despite the bile that threatened to swell up her esophagus, Mahlua lowered her hands to the small of the girl’s back, just above her ass. She didn’t so much return the kiss so much as stabilize it, bringing it to something that resembled pace, and then she let her teeth graze the girl’s lower lip. Ugh, this felt disgusting. She needed a shower. And a drink. Bleach would do nicely to wash out the feeling. Still, she had to finish strong. Hopefully that would cause this reality to break and send her back to the tower. Maybe. To ease things out, she let her tongue knock on the barrier between her mouth and Tachi’s. In response, Tachi gave entrance and stumbled into her, like gravity had impaired her ability to stand upright for herself. No doing it like overdoing it, Mahlua supposed.

Just when she had started to explore the roof of the president’s mouth, and the president exploring her tongue—“TACHI!”

The make-out session grinded to an immediate halt as the girl in question jerked away, much to the relief of Mahlua’s stomach, albeit not so much for her moral compass.

At the edge of the hall, by the entrance, a girl with long green hair stood, still sporting what appeared to be a hakama and a kendo breastplate.

“Y-Yumi,” Tachi replied with a nervous laugh. She held up both palms and took a couple steps back.

“I heard that you were keeping Protagonist from practice, and that you had raised some accusations against them.”

Wow, Mahlua thought, this reality actually configures itself for the Protagonist to be gender neutral. Oh, wait. Incoming catfight. That’s probably more important than the functions of this reality.

“I did tell you that kissing me would probably be a bad idea,” Mahlua said, rubbing the back of her neck.

Yumi’s hard green eyes settled on her. “And I’ll be having a discussion with you later as well.”

So much for romancing one of the girls as a way out.
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #8 on: May 18, 2018, 03:57:26 PM »
 Let's settle for 'different places' before we go and get competitive.

I can see why this might have been somewhat difficult to write (it was somewhat difficult to read). There's a skeeviness there that's impossible to ignore.

Ah well, at least I know my moral compass is pointed in the right direction. And you're right, you really did sound like a self help book in this chapter. But don't take that the wrong way as that seems to have been the intent.

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #9 on: May 18, 2018, 06:12:46 PM »
Yup. It's mostly just weird because I'm not in high school. If it were two people in high school around the same age, that would've been a lot less weird.

Sounding like a self-help book has been a trend with me lately. Figured I'd put it to use.

Let's be real though. High school girls be aggressive as hell, especially in ecchi.
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
But yes hello I am the freakier freak than you.

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #10 on: May 18, 2018, 08:22:05 PM »
Hey, I actually have exactly one area of this bit that has soundtrack. You're welcome. Sorry I went a little basic with it. I couldn't help myself with the similarity to the situation as it unfolds.
Chapter 5
Mahlua never knew what it was like to be in the center of a catfight. Not like this, anyway.

Yumi strode forward, green hair flowing behind her. “If anyone on my team has allegations of any form of misconduct, you know to inform me of the matter so that we can work together on deciding disciplinary action, but I see you’ve gone and found a suitable punishment for yourself.

“With what information I had, the procedure for me was to talk to them first,” Tachi said, lowering her hands and taking a more defensive stance.

“Fat load of talking that can be done with your mouth being so occupied. You really haven’t changed from first year,” Yumi retorted, passing Mahlua and glaring down at the president.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen. If this idiot hadn’t blindsighted me with sweet words, I wouldn’t have—” Tachi tried to explain.

“I didn’t make you do anything; you kissed me!” Mahlua objected.

Yumi’s eyes sliced into her. “And, from what I saw, you didn’t seem to be retaliating all that much.”

Mahlua winced. That much was true. She was still due for a glass of bleach, speaking of.

“Now,” Yumi said, resting her hands on her hips, “If the two of you are quite done here, can I have my club member back?”

Tachi nodded, jaw muscles clenched.

“Come along, then,” Yumi said. She turned and started walking away. Mahlua shot Tachi an apologetic look and followed.


“I’ve heard part of the story from Hana and a few students who were in the hall to observe what happened this morning. Tell me, how did it wind up with your hands all over each other?” Yumi asked. She sat on a training mat in the gym with the sounds of wooden bokkens snapping at each other behind her.

Honesty is the best policy, or, at least, that’s what Mahlua figured would be the case when dealing with the captain of a club you’re supposed to be in.

“I figured that something must be going on in her personal life to cause her to want to lash out at others and find fault with them. When we met privately this afternoon, I apologized for adding unnecessary pressure to her and offered to work on my behavior if it would help. She still seemed tense and defensive, so I did the unexpected: I started being nicer, to the point that someone hurt would find it cruel. Sure enough, she cracked. At first, it was just a hug. Nothing romantic or sexual. I felt her trembling, and it looked like she might have started crying. Perhaps it was wrong of me to offer her such a kindness when I realized that she had feelings for me. I tried to pull away, but my back was to the wall, literally, and she pleaded with me. I told her that it would be a bad idea, that it wouldn’t help get rid of her feelings, but she almost didn’t even let me finish talking before she kissed me,” she explained. Her mouth felt dirty at the word ‘kissed’, and her face must have contorted to show it, because Yumi’s softened.

“I see. Tachi has always had a bit of a bad habit of roping people into her emotional problems like that,” Yumi said, shifting her eyes to the floor in thought.

“I heard you say something to that effect in the hallway. Would you mind explaining a bit?” Mahlua asked. “Not for gossip’s sake, of course. Just as much information as is relevant to my situation.”

“Kendo must be doing well for you. You are learning a lot about restraint. Perhaps I could have remembered the same, instead of going for a cheap shot like that,” Yumi said, followed by a short tug at her lips that looked like a proud smile. “Let me handle her for now. Just focus on bringing your grades up and I think this will blow over.”

Mahlua nodded and gave a small bow.

“Dismissed,” Yumi said.

The world swirled again, and then Mahlua found herself at the gate to the school, Hana standing beside her. The sun had sunk even lower, coloring the world with warm oranges and purples. The tower really needed to stop its games, or she might really throw up on the floor next time—and that’s no small threat from someone with emetophobia. She quickly had to shake off the cold sweat that threatened to overwhelm her.

“So what happened? I saw you talking with the captain when you got back,” Hana asked.

“I had a little talk with Miss President. It looks like she has a lot on her plate. I turned out to be right, by the way. She really does have a thing for me. It made her job a lot harder, it seems. I believe the captain will talk with her about it later, just to make sure that biases don’t get in the way of things,” Mahlua explained, steadying herself against a streetlight.

“Are you feeling all right?”

“Yeah, must’ve just worked too hard at club. Nothing a light walk won’t fix.”

“Wanna head to the usual place, with the view of the ocean?”


Hana smiled gently and started walking ahead. Mahlua followed and let her mind start to wander. This didn’t feel like episode one material. Episode five or six, maybe if she was lucky, episode eight. Somehow she had to survive this, since clearly the romance option failed. Not that she was looking for that one, in any case. There had to be some way to break out of this reality. As they walked, Mahlua tried to feel the weight of her weapons at her hips, but to no avail.

Before long, the duo reached a railing over a cliff face, blue ocean shimmering below.

“It’s so beautiful here,” Hana smiled, raising her arms up for a long stretch.

“Yeah,” Mahlua nodded, resting her arms on the railing and leaning forward to observe the sunset. Its warmth caressed her skin. She tried not to think about it, get to immersed in it.

“These really are the golden years, don’t you think?” Hana asked.

“Nah. That’s only true if you give up on determining your own life. If you continue doing what you love, every year is golden. Sure, it gets harder with the more responsibilities you get, but there’s some power that comes with it,” Mahlua said.

Hana blinked in surprise. That must not have been part of the script.

“I mean, I’m sure there are great things about adult life, but there’s value in letting yourself be a kid for a little longer,” she said, a hint of concern slipping into her voice.

The Major Arcana card the Fool came to the witch’s mind. “I suppose there are times where embracing the inner child is the best thing you can do. It’s good to remember times like these. But…high school isn’t the only time in life where it feels like life a bowstring, and you’re the arrow, notched and drawn as far back as you can go. The promise of growth is always on the horizon.”

“Just how much of those self-help books have you been reading?” the pink haired girl sighed. Her blue eyes looked from the ocean to the ground.

“I think you mean to ask when I suddenly got so grown up. Do you feel left behind?” Mahlua prodded.

“Yeah. I mean, one day you’re how you’ve always been, and then, today, you’re suddenly devil-may-care and…insightful. You’re kind of a stranger now.”

“Believe me, that’s more true than you know. Growing up can do that to people. You look back on yourself from the year before and almost don’t recognize the person you were.”

“Stop it.”

Mahlua perked up. “Huh?”

“Stop acting like you’re so above everything.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound condescending. It’s just…” Mahlua was at a loss for words.

“You don’t belong here. You reject some of the most beautiful aspects youth has to offer. You want to act all grown up instead.” Hana clenched the railing. “Do you know where you are?”

“Please tell me this isn’t going to get meta as f8ck,” Mahlua grumbled. “Not really, if I’m to be honest,” she admitted, louder, so she could be heard.

“You’re in the first stage of the heart of EcchiWorld,” Hana said, eyes turning cold as ice.

“How did I know it was about to get meta?” Mahlua groaned.

“Because you make a horrible protagonist. You don’t suspend disbelief enough. You would rather work through problems than make a fun mess of life. You’ve been trying to get out from the very moment you stepped through that door. Haven’t you let yourself enjoy any of this at all?”

“Why do I get the feeling of an incoming boss fight?”

The world began to warp again. Mahlua held tightly to the railing, palms slick and clammy. This time, it didn’t stop warping.

“You could’ve just given in, lived out a little ecchi fantasy, but it looks like that’s not for you.” Hana’s voice started to sound distorted.

Mahlua gripped her head, trying to feel stable and find her center of balance. The very fibers of reality were ripping apart. She squeezed her eyes shut and focused on her breathing.

“Do you know who I am?”

“If I had to guess,” Mahlua said through dry lips, “You’re one of the guardians of this place.”

“Correct. I am the first line of defense. I am the schoolgirl.”

That’s it. Mahlua could finally place what was weird about her voice. She looked up. As reality continued to shift, the girl before her morphed between the four main girls she interacted with at the academy.

“You just couldn’t take us as we are,” the girl said, hair morphing to Tachi’s red more and more frequently.

“In my defense, it’s a little weird to be creeping on a high schooler.”

Finally, reality snapped into place. Mahlua stood in the light the stained glass door behind her. Familiar stone walls and their torches surrounded the hallway with its padded red carpet. Schoolgirl finally settled on Tachi’s form and hovered inches above the ground.

“You have no defense against me. You offered more adult stimulus to me in this form. It’s recorded in my memory.”

“Woah, woah now,” Mahlua said, surprised at the weight at her hips as she stepped forward. “I didn’t offer anything but a hug and some kind words.”

“Oh, honey, I could show you a lot of things,” her own nervous, creaky voice echoed back to her.

“You are so taking that out of context,” Mahlua huffed, reaching for the heavy mace she was happy to have back at her side. The hieroglyphs under her skin throbbed with light.

Schoolgirl’s head tilted at a disturbing angle. “Am I really?” She began drifting backwards down the hallway, turning the corner.

Mahlua bit her lip and followed, reasserting her psychic shields.

“I’ve seen a lot of Protagonists come and go. It usually takes them a lot longer to get to a kiss. But you, oh you did what you could to prompt feelings of sexual frustration and jealousy. And what did you do when that gift was presented?”

Around the corner sat a circular room, a battlefield, by the look of it. White walls led up to an open ceiling. At its center, Schoolgirl sat in Tachi’s form, still taunting with her voice.

“Believe me, I know your kind. You’re a corrupter. I even tested it by being a little sloppy. Tell me, what did you do in response?”

“If I’m going to have to mouthwash with harsh chemicals later anyway, I figured it should be for a decent reason, not a pathetic one,” Mahlua retorted, gripping her mace more tightly.

“Not only did you give in and kiss back, you added to it. I picked up every little bit of your physiological response through a body scan. Sure, you hated it on the surface, but you thrive on putting things in a place that suits you. Tell me, if I didn’t interrupt it, how much further would you have taken it?”

“Uh, not at all? I’d let your stupid self keep locking lips until you needed to come up for air and then gently let you down again. I’m starting to think you’re mistaking your system overheating with my responses.”

“How cruel of you. That’s worse, you know. As the first guardian of the heart of EcchiWorld, I deem you unworthy to reach the heart. You’re dead now.”

* Cue the music *

Mahlua’s hand shot into the air, two fingers at the ready. She drew another simple sigil: a triangle, pointed downward this time. Schoolgirl charged her, hands drawn like claws. A wall of earth blocked her way, and she stumbled through it, falling to the floor. Mahlua didn’t hesitate. She swung the mace down at Schoolgirl’s head.

Schoolgirl deftly rolled to the side and swung a leg to kick the raider. It caught Mahlua squarely in the thigh. In response, she lowered her stance and adjusted her balance. Schoolgirl circled her weight and crouched to her feet again.

“Looks like you won’t die easy,” she taunted.

“Looks like you won’t shut up,” Mahlua retorted.

Schoolgirl’s lips curled down into a grimace as she went in for another hit. It should have connected, and if Mahlua were any other raider, it would have. Thankfully, she was not. Schoolgirl jerked her fist back and let out a scream of agony. Raw flesh surrounded deep burns across her knuckles.

Sparks of electricity crackled from Mahlua to the ground, to her weapons, between her limbs. She tilted her head back and smirked widely.

Fully charged, Mahlua swung with her mace again, sending a spray of violet energy in its wake. Schoolgirl managed to dodge the mace, but a stray bolt of lightning caught her shoulder. She let out another cry and collapsed.

Mahlua crouched next to her, eyes glowing the same purple as the neon energy zapping its way around them. Schoolgirl trembled and tried to rise. Clearly the voltage had caused some nerve damage.

“If this is all, I’m sorely disappointed,” Mahlua said.

Schoolgirl managed to get to her feet and put her fists back up. Her clothes were burnt around the sleeve the lightning struck, and the smell followed her. She went for a punch.

Mahlua deflected it with her mace, focusing the electric energy through the weapon. It sent a lower voltage charge through the point of contact. Again, Schoolgirl cried out and stumbled back to the center of the battlefield.

She began to tremble and sway. Her body lifted from the ground and hung, suspended in air by threads of reality. Wings of light unfurled behind her, and beside her, a spear materialized.

“Here we go,” Mahlua said, clipping her mace back in place and drawing her khopesh. A smug smile plastered over her face.

Schoolgirl took the spear and divebombed for the raider, who ducked and let the curved blade keep the spear away from her. Sparks flew. Mahlua rose, and Schoolgirl, still in the air, held the spear with both hands and began jabbing. More electric energy fizzled around them. Between the pockets of air and reality distortion Schoolgirl created, there was enough pressure to form ball lightning. It burst suddenly, much of it dispersing into the spear and missing the target, but a few stray tails found their mark.

Mahlua took a leap back as Schoogirl shifted the spear to one hand. It blurred momentarily and reformed from the same luminescent material as her wings into the shape of a shortsword. The angelic beast swung, and the blow met magic blade.



Slash for the shoulder.

More sparks erupted between the fighters.

Schoolgirl tried again for the outside of Mahlua’s swinging arm.

The Mahlua let the khopesh’s curved blade slide, then she jerked down, using its signature puncture tip to throw off the shortsword’s point of balance. Schoolgirl snarled and threw her weight forward, barreling into her opponent.

The force of the blow caused Mahlua to fall to the floor. Schoolgirl dropped her weapon and went in for a punch. It connected easily in Mahlua’s prone state. Mahlua coughed and swore something almost cracked inside her. Apparently Schoolgirl was a lot stronger in this state. With her free hand, Mahlua took two fingers and drew another sigil in the ground: an upright triangle cut in half by a single horizontal line. A gust of wind knocked Schoolgirl back enough for Mahlua to hop to her feet.

The khopesh shifted to her left hand as the witch picked up the angel’s weapon.

“Sorry, do you need this?”

Schoolgirl scowled in disgust and formed another shortsword of light. Two, in fact.

“Guess not.”

And they were upon each other again, parrying and sending sprays of sparks between blows. Sweat began to form at Mahlua’s brow. She couldn’t afford to waste much more time here.

Khopesh hooked against shortsword once more, and Mahlua managed to knock one out of Schoolgirl’s hand, but rather than go in for the opening, she jumped back and tossed the shortsword she had been wielding aside. This gave her a free hand to draw her last elemental sigil: an upside down triangle with a horizontal line splitting it in half. The air became thick with humidity, and a gentle mist settled over the battlefield.

Mahlua could see the form of Schoolgirl looking around frantically, weapons up in defense. A chuckle threatened to give away her position, but she kept it down. She sheathed the Egyptian weapon and drew the mace again. Electric energy popped and crackled around her. Schoolgirl charged immediately for the sound, but caught nothing but mist between her blades. A sharp blow caught her elbow, then at her back, and then her other shoulder, each one punctuated by the sound of an electric snap.

Schoolgirl scrambled to keep up, but the dance of lightning cackle through water in the heavy air was too much. Finally, the mace thrust into her chest, cracking bone. She collapsed to her knees, dropping her weapons. Mahlua materialized from the lightning around her and smiled wickedly.

“What was that about dying?”

Before she could answer, Schoolgirl was ended by the weight of her own skull collapsing into brain matter. The light from her weapons and wings faded.

Mahlua dispelled the water in the air and kept an eye on the unmoving form. The sound of stone moving against stone caught her attention. Beside her, a stairway formed. She started on her way up, but paused, looking up to the open ceiling. Her gut told her that she would see another battlefield like this before the mission was over, and the opponent wouldn’t be so easy next time. She’d have to be more careful.
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #11 on: May 19, 2018, 12:01:56 AM »
Five chapters in and we're bashing in schoolgirl brains. That sounds about par for the course.

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #12 on: May 19, 2018, 12:03:36 AM »
Lol, yup. And it looks like it'll only get crazier from here, if my notes are any indication.
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
But yes hello I am the freakier freak than you.

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #13 on: May 19, 2018, 01:18:41 AM »
wow !! did you all of those chapters in 5 days ??? Girl you should get into Copywriting business ! Keep it more Ecchi don't go in high school of dead direction !~ xD

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Re: Ecchiverse: Reset
« Reply #14 on: May 19, 2018, 10:33:07 AM »
Don't worry, it will be more and more ecchi. Might even brush up to some adult situations-ish...Although I hadn't made the connection that Schoolgirl and her universe are now quite literally a dead high school. I kinda liked HOTD, despite how stupid it was. Saeko is bae, after all. Sweet sadistic child.

Welp, back to writing. Gotta keep up my daily streak.
"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."--Marquis de Sade
But yes hello I am the freakier freak than you.