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my dark corner mwahaha

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 i will try to uploud weekly.


it was an heck of a lot work but i maneged to do it! i sticked very close to my referance tough..
 the eyes could use some improvement.....
feel free to post an art piece that i can use as referance i liked working on this..

I think in comparison to the shoulders, the rib cage and waist are a little thin there, but that might just be an effect of the reference you used. However, the brush looks really good for sketching, and with a little practice, I think you'll get there. As far as ecchi references go, I highly recommend looking at the works of Nozomu Tamaki--the mangaka of Dance in the Vampire Bund and Angel Para Bellum. Now, there's a man who can draw some tig ol' anime biddies.

Agree with Mahlua About Shoulders. But it's a great Ecchi Drawing !

Good stuff mate ! Looking forward seeing more of your Ecchi Drawings!


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