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It’s still me:
This might sound weird but I am hoping we will lean on discussions of hentai material rather than just posting it. Discuss tropes and why an illustration works for the message it is trying to  send. Sure, show your art but I kinda want critique and evaluations to be prevelant in this forum like the other one.

Dude yes, like discussing X-ray technique in artwork to give the idea of depth. That's something I've always personally found interesting in some of the doujins and artwork I've stumbled upon.

It’s still me:
X ray will be a good topic subject. I for one hate it. But let's save that for later.

Let's remember to be judgment free if we do discuss topics.  :-X

I guess we will have to settle for one board for all the Hentai stuff for now. And well I don't think people gonna stick with just technical talk.

We are in a Ecchi/Adult forum which some avoid even if they secretly into these. Just few people who are brave enough coming out of closet and openly talk about these. So I guess we won't be judgmental on anything here as long as it stays like how things going now.

But when it comes to Hentai some Japanese ideas are really freaky. They do use some really nasty stuff in Hentai which makes BDSM stuff looks like cupcakes. I guess we have to keep an open mind about these how open that would be ?

It’s still me:
I'm starting to think maybe I should change my username for this site  :P.

With Hentai content, I'm cool (as in I won't yell at you) with mostly everything. I just hate NTR/ snuff hentai.i get it, but I will never cross over on their side for enjoyment.


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