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So how we should do this is we are going to do this ? I don't think having this will be an issue right now since we have only few members. I don't want to worry about future or what happen when we have 1000 members. haha

But we definitely need to put some rules and guidelines so this won't become some pure porn board.

We can kept it as hidden board which only visible after a member has number of posts, like 50 posts etc.

Or we can have it as a board which need admin approve. Like everyone can read what's in it but posting permission need to be manually given.

That's all I can think of now but I think you guys can tell me any ideas or opinions you have to get this done correctly.

Well I don't think we need to put all restrictions at starting point. Can't control spam bots and spammers with rules. Those need to be dealt manually. But for other things like badly behaving members we can cross that bridge when we get there.

Rules for members who will actually stick around to prevent some problems before they start and have a chain of action in place for consequences if those rules should be broken. Other than that, just making sure we have our fingers on the pulse of what's going on should deal with most issues as they arise.

So still there is the it should be an open public board or it need some kind of first time approval.

I think we should start it as a open board.

I'm in favo of having it restricted. Since some members aren't​ going to be so willing to take the step.

Could the board be on the directory, bit not accessible without permission? That way people will be able to see it, without accidentally getting an eyefull.


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