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Since I keep saying that I'll post some things, I might as well go ahead and share this one doodle that's been floating around on my Google Drive. I have others, but they show some of the nipnops and thus break the rules. However, I'm not entirely sure about the stance here about mild blood, as with things such as yanderes and the potential artistic value, so I chose to give my thread that little warning in any case. I'm not a guro artist or anything, but I love me some vampires and the like, so we can see how that might go down eventually.

For now, I'll be content in just dropping this little nugget, which validates the trigger warning up top. I figure, at least, that despite the obvious nature here, there's still enough left to the imagination to classify as ecchi, especially as this is a male and thus the nipnop cover rule doesn't necessarily apply. Besides, again, ecchi as referring to naughty, which clearly something must have been here.

Ah, well, enough with my jokes; here's the poor bloke.

If, of course, this does happen to break any site rules, although I'm fairly certain that it doesn't, I'll be more than happy to redact it and take it down.

Poor bloke indeed, haha. Not a band drawing also no something we usually see or call as an ecchi. )

I believe it was Tintin that I told that I would do this for eventually, and I apologize for the poor quality of the sketch, but bear with me, since it's almost four in the morning and it is only the first sketch. (I do see a lot of proportional errors though and they're bugging me like crazy.) Probably a more official way to kickstart my ecchi thread, though.

Here we are, Meido Moka, although it's kinda nmk.

Ugh, I don't know if the orientation is right. What happens is when I take a picture with my phone, it shows up on my computer as rotated left, but sometimes when I upload it'll rotate properly, but then if I try to adjust then this and that and it's just a mess.

Not bad. All you have to do clean it up digitally and add colors. :)

I think hands are bit out of proportion.

Ever since my tablet broke, I've only been able to do traditional art, which is what that will be once my drawing hand heals up some. Hope that doesn't disappoint!


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