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I seem to be having a spot of trouble with that here. I think something might be outdated, because I keep getting an error when I try to upload, and this recent upload of mine to Photobucket and then through the URL system for an avatar gave the "image missing" Photobucket icon instead of the thing I just uploaded and is clearly still in my bucket. I knew this forum was old and out of date, but jeez. No pressure, though. I'm fine with not much right yet, at least until I can see if I can kick-boot this forum back into gear with some doodles at a later, undetermined point.

Hmm That's strange. I'm 100% sure it's Photobuncket, not the forum. Even though forum is inactive I keep it Core and everything upto date. Also I have just changed my avatar to something I uploaded to Tinypics.

Ah, thanks. I used tinypic and it worked just fine. I dunno, man. That was weird.

I'm no longer a fan of Photobucket. They used to be good but not anymore. Tinypic is pretty good for simple stuff.

I had same problem. Tinypics fixed it.


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