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Why people shy to say they like Ecchi , Yuri or Yaoi Manga Anime ?

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This is really crazy. I have friend who are so embarrassed to admit they like Ecchi Anime or Yuri Anime. I think this is ridicules !

These are not porn or Hentai. Ecchi are fun usually all ecchi Manga or Anime are comedy. Yeah there are fansservice but why not ? All Hollywood movies have those. No one embarrass about them. You can see all things bikinis, panites, half naked, sometimes even nearly fully naked.

Okey I guess better stop my ranting. I'm pissed off with a friend of mine who proudly telling everyone he dislike Ecchi Manga and Anime by I know as fact he has a big Ecchi Anime DVD collection. Whom he try to fool ?

Well I guess it's a natural human thing. I have friends who are crazy about Ecchi Anime more than my self and Also who deeply into Hentai. But they are afraid to admit in open.

Like you said I don't see much difference betweem Ecchi anime and Hollywood movies. Because those movies has same or even more nakedness.

actually i would say ecchi is more of a taboo because it is a cartoon. It's the same thing as liking anime in general. i mean people dont really discuss what they like on the sexual side of things as it is. so the fact that it is anime wont help any.

Well as far as I know people do talk about sexual things. Among friends at least. Even when it comes to those dirty porno. Even those who don't mind porno or admit they watch don't like others to know they like Ecchi Anime or Manga. Forget about Hentai but what's wrong with Ecchi Manga ?

Hm, being afraid of losing friends might be a reason. Another reason could be that it might change your image.

Yesterday I was playing a ecchi (hentai later on) game at my good friend's house and I told him who I was going after. He kinda thought it was disgusting (and wasn't afraid to say so several times...)
So even to good friends ecchi just might not be acceptable.


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