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The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« on: July 11, 2012, 08:27:31 PM »
in response to doubts you may have had. No it's not a straight up romance. You'll start to see the dichotomy starting with chapter 2.



I hadn’t really asked for any of this, though I’m not sure if I should complain, after all, it’s not every day

you get to become a magical girl….wait that came out wrong.

   The sky seemed to explode before Tama could finish his thought. As the shock wave sent him flying

back he grabbed onto a pipe that had been exposed when he had slammed into the building’s roof a few

moments previously. Above him were two clashing figures, first of which was his step sister Aika. Though

being dressed in something that was above all black, feathery, and possibly a maid outfit, made it rather

hard to tell. Contrasting her on the left stood a man calling himself Zephyr. Looking like an anorexic in

striped tights, pointy shoes, and clown makeup gave the whole scene an added layer of silliness. That

however, was easily overcome by the fact that they were both standing on the air itself, and that the

explosion was caused by a scythe held by Aika with a blade of pure light, impacting Zephyr’s bare hands.

   Aika’s short red hair was going crazy from the shockwaves being put off by the impact. Tama also

noticed that her dominatrix esc boots were clashing horribly with her kitty print panties.  He figured he

already gave her enough trouble for not growing out of that phase and was 16 already though.

“It does seem odd though that these transformations take all of our clothes, but leave our underwear


“Tama-kun are you rating Aika’s panties again?!”

   Turning his head Tama looked up at his classmate Kaede. She was currently tightly pressed against

the side of the next building over. The bad side effect of being best friends with Aika was being pulled into

all of the “adventures” she got herself into, and this was turning out to be the mother of them all. Luckily

however Kaede’s white outfit left far less to the imagination. The white yet equally feathery costume left

her stomach, breasts, and thighs for the most part exposed. Tama felt quite chipper about this in fact,

and far less guilty about certain thoughts.

   Then, as if the universe had fallen in sync with Tama’s thoughts, Kaede’s skirt flipped up. Still being

stuck against the wall she had a distinctly difficult time pushing it back down, the weight of her long, light

brown hair being no help whatsoever.

“Mmmmm…Leggings. How did you know I was a fan?”


“You know you can’t resist my temptation Kae-de-chan!”

   He could see that Kaede shouted some sort of insult back, but the sound she made never reached

Tama’s ears. Instead all he perceived was the massive clanging sound of Aika’s scythe being thrown to

the side by Zephyr’s metal claws, quickly followed up by his sister slamming boot first into the building’s

roof and then grinding to a halt.

“You guys are certainly being loads of help!”

   Climbing over the rubble he’d been partially buried in, Tama stumbled over to his sister. Kaede was

still desperately trying to figure out the air walking, but made it to the building all the same.

“We weren’t exactly in much of a position to do anything Aika.”

“You’re sounding like Tama, Kaede. Please tell me you haven’t lost your sword yet.”

   Kaede responded by pulling a large white hilt with a blade of light from behind her back. Strangely

enough there was a strong cord tied to the end of the hilt, that preceded to wrap its way entirely around

her arm, connecting to the outfit at the shoulder.

“Still attached, still no idea how to use it.”

“A million times I tell you: Join kendo club with me. But noooo! You have to join theatre!”

“This wasn’t exactly a part of my life plan!”

“Ladies! Ladies!”

   Tama shoved his arms between them and pushed them apart. Straightening his face he put on the

manliest voice he could muster.

“We have bigger things to worry about right now. And if we don’t stand together right now there isn’t any

way we’ll be making it out alive. Follow me and fight with your hearts and with your heads! Tonight is our

night of victory!”

“Stop acting tough and take your hand of my breast.”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that till later Kaede-chan.”

   Tama became distinctly aware that his skull was on the verge of collapsing inwards from the force of

Kaede’s fist.


Holding his footing took all of Tama’s might, but he stood strong, though he opted to removed his hand

entirely upon his own will, and wouldn’t be changing that story any time soon.

“Regardless, let me take a try at this.”

   Looking up at Zephyr, Tama took in a deep breath. Their adversary had been standing there

patiently, cackling to himself. To put it eloquently: it pissed Tama the hell off.

“Hold still you piece of crap. I’m going to punch you in the face and I don’t want to miss.”

   Taking off for the roof’s edge, Tama’s outfit dragged behind him. Its gray color scheme seemed to

drain the color away from reality, which meant that his blue hair stuck out like a sore thumb at the top of

the tight trench coat. The seemingly solid piece of leather that wrapped around his torso made it hard to

breath, but having disjointed shoulders left his arms easily free to move. If he could just somehow find a

way to remove the damn feathers than hung from every conceivable joint and edge, he just might look


   Flying off the ledge a burst of wind seemed to automatically form behind Tama, giving him a massive

burst of speed. As Tama zoomed towards his enemy, he could feel a powerful torrent of wind forming

around his left arm as well, coiling itself into a spring tight enough it felt like it could launch a man into


“My name is Honami Tama! AND I AM A GOD DAMN MAGICAL GIRL!”

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2012, 02:18:31 PM »
Haha, the start of crazy adventures. Those are quite some wacky outfits. The thin guy reminds me of that first ninja from Katanagatari. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.
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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2012, 02:29:41 AM »
A good start. Looking forward to read next part.
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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2012, 01:04:00 PM »
Awesome story Coryn omg Tama is becoming my favorite hes so pervy lol panty rating? I laughed so hard my eyes started to water. :)

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2012, 01:41:22 PM »
lol thanks nyxy! getting time to keep writing has proven difficult. but i promise more will come

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2012, 11:00:58 AM »
Hey guys! or anybody. Somebody?

Anyrate. I may have a new chapter for this soon. Still debating whether to post what I have. Or add a second part. We'll see. Just don't know how I feel about the pacing. Stay tuned.

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2012, 01:29:10 PM »
Well. I did go back and add some. hope you enjoy chapter 2


Tama rocked back and forth in his chair, feet propped up on his desk, and lunch resting on his gut, still
mostly untouched.

“Hey. Kaede-chan.”


   Kaede was sitting at the desk in front of him, though turned at a 90 degree angle in her seat so she could get a good view of the 2nd years running around outside in their gym clothes.

“Have you ever notice how in manga the protagonist always sit in the back left of the school room, right by the windows.”

“It does seem like a pretty well established trope now that I think about it. Why?”

“Well, for the first two years of high school we always sat nearer the middle of the room right?”


“But now in our senior year, we’re sitting here. Back left, next to the window.”

   Leaning against the window ledge, Kaede sighed as she pulled on the sleeves of her cardigan,
covering up her hands and fingers from the chill of early fall.

“It’s probably just a coincidence that we happened to become magical heroes at the same time. I’d think
there would be a lot more super heroes running around if sitting in the back left gave you magical

“Yeh…you’re probably right…”

   The lunch period marched on in silence for Tama and Kaede. Kaede continuing to watch the 2nd
year boys sprint down the track, as Tama wistfully eavesdropped on a small gaggle of girls halfway across the room. It was one of his favorite lunch pastimes. He never was one to eat much, so Tama always found himself in need of something to occupy his mind, and though it was usually just drama and rumors of drama, it at least kept him up to date. Finally after a few minutes he heard something good, and sliding his feet off the desk, placed what was left of his meager bento next to Kaede.

“It’s yours if you want it.”

   Kaede finally brought her eyes away from the window.

“And where are you going?”

   Tama leaned in close, putting one hand up the side of his mouth to shield the movements of his lips.

“I just heard a most juicy rumor. Seems there is a freshman who came to school today, without any
panties on. On account of a dare.”

“You’re incorrigible.”

   Straightening back up Tama took on an heir of greatness.

“Mock not my holy mission oh knave! For I am on the path of greatness! A man among boys! Leading a
great crusade in the name of all teenage men!”

“Please please! Spare me another of your “battle speeches” and move on.”

   Tama was far ahead of her though, and was practically already in the hallway.

“Send Norio and Ryota my way if you see them!”

   He was gone without waiting for a reply, leaving Kaede to turn back towards the window, picking up Tama’s discarded bento as she turned.

“Whatever you say horndog.”

   Kaede finally found herself walking out of school and headed home. The afternoon sun had done a
lot to warm up the day but clouds were already rolling back in and the wind was picking up.

   Looking ahead she spotted Aika standing next to the school gate per usual. The two always walked
home together as they only live a few doors away from each other. And even though Tama of course
lived with Aika they tended to walk separately even when he wasn’t gallivanting around after school.

“Sorry for making you wait Aika, I got pulled away by some duties for the festival.”

Aika smirked, it was an excuse she was used to long ago.

“Months and months away, but already planning for the obligatory cultural festival. Such is the life of
Class President Kaede!”

“Oh shush. Besides it’s not like I’ve never waited on you. Speaking of, still no kendo club? I thought you
were supposed to have a dream team this year.”

Sighing Aika stared up at the encroaching clouds.

“We do, but the school’s been using our dojo for storage since the old gym burnt down over summer
vacation. And practicing is a pain on the gym’s rubber floor so what are we to do?”

“Speaking of pains, you haven’t seen your brother recently have you?”



“He’s on the roof staring at us.”

   Kaede whipped her head and around and focused her eyes on the school’s fenced in rooftop. To
both her surprise and supreme annoyance she saw Tama up against the fence, a pair of binoculars to his
face and what looked like a small radar dish in his hand.


   Tama tore the headphones out of his ears as Kaede’s voice overloaded the sound amplifier.





   Tama was taken aback, somehow she had worked out his brilliant scheme.




   Kaede wanted to punch him, she wanted to punch him so bad.





   Instead of yelling back Kaede turned and grabbed Aika by the arm, hauling her across the street.

“What an idiot.”

“So Kaede.”


“What DID you do to him your freshman year?”

“Your brother and your best friend, and you want to know the saucy details?!”

“Well when you say it like that…”

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #7 on: September 14, 2012, 08:07:31 PM »
So the pervert dated a hot girl for a while at least. And great point out about the protagonist-back of the class thing. Dunno why it never occured to me before
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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #8 on: September 15, 2012, 04:08:49 AM »
Nice story Coryn I like it. I can imagine everything so clearly. The story is pretty awesome and I love the humor ^-^.

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #9 on: September 15, 2012, 10:58:37 AM »
Thanks guys! chapter 3 will happen eventually. Not sure how long this thing will get but we'll see.

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #10 on: November 15, 2012, 03:19:50 PM »
Chapter three time. Short like the rest. But some exposition finally!

Song is Back in Black by AC/DC, in case you happen to be internetly challenged.



A lone helicopter soared through the skies of Tokyo, sporting only the flight number and a logo of an inverted pyramid with a singular eye, it seemed to go completely unnoticed. The door of the helicopter flew open, revealing a Caucasian man, looking down on the city with a beaming smile upon his face. Taking a deep breath, the man sat back down as the sound of AC/DC poured out into the night air. After straightening out his white suit, the man seemed to simultaneously fix his crooked blood red tie, smooth out his slicked brown hair, and loft his sandaled foot into the air, crossing one leg across the other. Daniel Suthers was ready for anything.

“You’re too excitable.”

Suthers eyed his companion. The Korean woman sat directly adjacent to him, arms crossed, and side ponytail violently flying in the wind. An unzipped bomber jacket revealed a tight black tank top and below that a pair of camo-fatigues tucked into her boots. A Steyr HS .50 M1 Anti-Material Rifled leaned against her shoulder, and to Suthers it looked like Jung Park was just about ready to use it on him.

“And you’re too loose tongued for a bodyguard. Seriously what do I even pay you for?”

“I haven’t been your bodyguard since you dragged me into this mess six months ago and you know it.”

“Oh right. Makes wonder why I still give you benefits.”

   Jung gritted her teeth. Suthers’ jokes were terrible as always, even before he had transitioned to
full blown megalomaniac.

“But really I can’t help it Jung! I’ve never been to Tokyo before! I hear they’ve got these great little
places called “Maid cafes”. The girls there call you ‘master’ and everything!”

“Last I checked you already have a maid.”

“Well…yes. But Consuela leaves much to be desired in the looks department.”


“Oh be that way why dontcha.”

   The helicopter banked to the left and headed towards a skyscraper sporting the same inverted
pyramid logo, the pilot coming over their headsets and interrupting the music a second later.

“We’re now on our final approach towards the Japanese branch, Mr. Suthers. Will you require my services
further this evening?”

“No need pilot. You can go ahead and turn in.”

“Thank you, sir.”

   Landing on the building’s roof, the helicopter’s engines powered down and the two passengers threw
down their headsets. Sliding his hand under his seat, Suthers retrieved a katana which seemed to have its
guard tied taught to a loop on the sheath, as if to prevent the blade from being drawn. Suthers reached
into his pocket and drew a pair of sleek glasses, placing them on his head as his sandal hit landing pad.

“Come along Jung! Our third member is awaiting our arrival.”

“Like I could forget the reason we’re here.”

   The two stepped into the elevator and Suthers punched a button that would take them to the
uppermost office floor. Only a few seconds later they were walking through a small lobby, soon bursting
through a pair of doubles doors into a nearly floor wide office. On the far side of the room sat a skinny
figure atop a large wooden desk. Silhouetted by the floor to ceiling windows, one could see he was
sharpening his claws with a nail file.

“Zephyr! You crazy f*cking clown! How have you been?!”

“Oh you know, little bit of this, little bit of that. How was the trip?”

“Well the in-flight movie was plot-less and the food was terrible. But I guess that’s what I get for picking
'The Room', and trying to barbeque in mid-flight.”

“Still keeping up with him then Jung?”

“Only for as long as I have to.”

   Zephyr chuckled, his demeanor far more civil than when he was in combat. Abandoning the nail file
he pointed out a few folders sitting on the desk.

“I’ve compiled the combat data on our opposing team. Scythe, sword, elemental is a wind user. Just a
bunch of high school kids though. It’s almost a pity.”

   Ignoring the folders, Suthers walked up to the window, smiling as he observed the city around him.

“Heh, sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. What do you think Jung?”

“Like, I’ll be able to get back to real life sooner than anticipated.”

“We’ll just have to see about that.”

   Suthers spun back towards his two companions.

“It’s time to start the main event people! Let the 150th God House Tournament, begin!”

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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #11 on: November 16, 2012, 05:14:17 AM »
Interesting! Daniel Suthers is so cool. I wonder what they're up to.
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Re: The Thrilling Tale of Magical Girl Tama-kun
« Reply #12 on: November 16, 2012, 01:09:18 PM »
Honestly I'm still working the details out. But we'll see in time.